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Numeric keys to jump to cuepoints

dj_ricochet 7:16 AM - 29 June, 2004
I'd also like to be able to press a numeric key and have the audio jump to that particular cuepoint. This relates somewhat to the idea of being able to have an offset at the beginning of the record for where the track starts, but makes it more flexible...

so i can run scratchlive in relative mode and press a key to jump to different parts of the record - this would be an AWESOME feature :)
feniks 12:45 PM - 29 June, 2004
i like this idea too.
DigitalJEdwin 8:56 PM - 29 June, 2004
nik39 10:45 PM - 29 June, 2004
Just curious, why dont you just lift the tonearm and move the needle?
Josh 11:33 PM - 29 June, 2004
lol :-) I guess the usefulness would come from being able to just trigger the cuepoint like a sample and then let the track play afterwards when you're ready, ala denon cd players etc etc.
Josh 11:34 PM - 29 June, 2004
Obviously this would require a better cue point interface, since you'd want to be on the best zero-crossing possible...
dj_ricochet 12:28 AM - 30 June, 2004
nik39 - it just provides a way to jump instantly to a point in the song... you might have noticed that most of the features i'm suggesting on here are similar to the higher end CDJ products that I've used, i think now that we are using vinyl in the digital domain there is awesome potential to have the best of both worlds.

this feature would basically make your cue-ing up time close to zero since you could put the needle on the record pretty much anywhere (in relative mode) and press a numeric key to be at the point of a song you want to mix in... then its just up to you to get the pitch right and do what you do. it'd be fantastic for cue-ing to different samples for scratching if you had a few saved on the same mp3!

i can think of a LOT of use for this feature so please consider, those who would consider it "cheating" are free not to use it and to continue to lift the tonearm as normal - it just isn't as instant.
dj_ricochet 12:32 AM - 30 June, 2004
@Josh - i wasn't really TOO concerned with the realtime uses of it, although as you said it would be quite cool to trigger like a sampler...
i was more interested in the instant cue-ing potential and the ability to find multiple samples within a single mp3 without lifting the needle. keyboard needle dropping if you will...
Josh 12:38 AM - 30 June, 2004
heh I guess anyone who would call this cheating also frown upon the use of stickers on vinyl to aid cueing also? meh let them sty in the past I say.
dj_ricochet 12:47 AM - 30 June, 2004
exactly. that's why serato is pretty unique because it remains as completely traditional and instantly accessible to any vinyl junkie, as well as having all this potential for raising the bar and allowing us to take mixing/scratching to another level :)
gmobley 12:29 AM - 3 July, 2004
A vinyl purist probably would use Scratch Live in the first place - the ability to use a key to trigger cue points would be great - custom button assignment to these cues would also be nice. Anybody try clicking the position arrow in relative mode? You can create a stutter effect by clicking on the same spot over and over.
gmobley 12:38 AM - 3 July, 2004
correction - A vinyl purist would probably NOT use Scratch Live in the first place.
Mike Jigga 4:17 PM - 20 September, 2004
This is a MUST!!!!! I use SSL and some regular vinyl becasue of this. I can't do my fast cue routines with SSL at the moment. I use vinyl with the stickers for those routines. I'd like to just use SSL alone now. It's been reliable.

I consider myself a vinyl purist. The only cd's I own are mix cd's from other djs. I've never used CD's to dj. I still get all my music on vinyl and rip them. I incorporated SSL beccause it now allows me to be more versitile with the types of gigs I do, while still showing REAL dj skills.
nik39 4:55 PM - 20 September, 2004
If you are a vinyl purist, how would numeric keys to jump to cuepoints help? Are do you want to use them in relative mode? And then, why cant you use SSL while you do your mentioned routines... Just curious.
BassChamber 10:01 PM - 20 September, 2004
nik, the answer to your question is obvious...

searching a cue point in relative mode using the mouse is a pain and make us waste a lot of time.

if we would use stickers as cuepoints markers in absolute mode, we would have to buy a hundred of SSL vinyls and mark them individually.

and one suggestion: SSL vinyls could have another special groove like "track selection" one wich could search next/previous marker.

what do you think?
nik39 10:10 PM - 20 September, 2004
BC, hm, maybe my question was not clear enough. What I was pointing to is, why do you need keyshortcuts to axs your cuepoints/markers? I mean, if you down with "vinyl purist" thing, then markers is enough for you, you see on the screen where the markers are (like on vinyl) and the simply drop roughly where the marker is, and then cue to the exact postion, or am I misunderstanding something
Zion-Prayz 10:14 PM - 20 September, 2004
Actually I can understand nik's point because he used the term "purist" sort of implying "I would never use techniques used by a CD DJ". :)

But as BassChamber said that would require buying a whole lot of SSL vinyl. I like the idea because when you're in relative mode it would be a heck of a lot faster than using the mouse.

Obviously it wouldn't be used in real vinyl mode because then you would only need relative and internal mode which would eliminate the need for needle dropping. But then the question becomes would a purist use relative mode with CD-like cue point keys in place of needle dropping :)

Definitely for relative and internal mode.
BassChamber 10:38 PM - 20 September, 2004
of course, for relative and internal mode.

absolute is like real vinyl, you know :)

but relative mode could change our life (djs life) this way! :)
BassChamber 10:50 PM - 20 September, 2004
oh, one more thing nik.

it is not the same situation, let me explain:

when you put the needle over the record searching a cue (real vinyl) using stickers, you are watching straight to the record and you reach this cue very fast.

but using SSL, you have to drop roughly where the marker is, and look to your computer screen and spin back/forward until reach the cue. this is too slow.

using absolute mode, we would need one SSL for each track we use, and put stickers over it. watching to screen is too slow...

a relative mode + keyboard direct marker access is the future! :D
BassChamber 10:54 PM - 20 September, 2004
using absolute mode, we would need one SSL for each track we use, and put stickers over it. watching to screen is too slow...

"... we would nee one SSL VINYL for each track we..."

sorry :P
Zion-Prayz 11:23 PM - 20 September, 2004
of course, for relative and internal mode.

absolute is like real vinyl, you know :)

but relative mode could change our life (djs life) this way! :)

Won't need to pad Qbert's pockets any more buying his skipless break records :D
Mike Jigga 3:53 AM - 23 September, 2004
i do sets where i may play only 2 bars of a song and i'll be going thru a few records like that to build excitement. i do this with stickers on my records. ssl doesn't let me simulate those same routines. being able to go to a cue point in ssl by just hitting a key would be what i need. it's the one feature ssl is missing for me.

As far as the vinyl purist comment, i meant it in response to the other comment that a vinyl purist wouldn't use ssl. i do, and i know others who have added ssl or fs to what they do.

imo, a dj uses 2 turntables and a mixer. personally, i never got into using cds. i love technolgy and it's cool to incorporate some new technology with my turntables.
DJ Dynamight 1:49 PM - 23 September, 2004
being able to go to a cue point in ssl by just hitting a key would be what i need. it's the one feature ssl is missing for me.

You should be very pleased when version 1.2 is was mentioned that you will be able to jump to a cue point by the press of a button. 8-)
Mike Jigga 12:08 AM - 24 September, 2004
cool! ssl is the ishnit!!!
skinnyguy 4:23 AM - 27 September, 2004
i think this would be a great could also incorporate seamless looping if this is possible.
tashafa 5:48 PM - 27 September, 2004
i think it should be independent of the current markers we set.... or.... when u press a key it sets the marker at the current posiiton that is playing press that marker again then it jumps to the marker.
K. Diddy 4:17 PM - 13 October, 2004
I completely agree that the origianal idea on this thread is a MUST- with one more refinement:

The hotkey for Marker 1 on each deck should have a dual purpose; that IF no markers are present for a given song, the Marker 1 hotkey could be used to jump back to the beginning of the song in Relative or Internal mode.

You could, of course, make a seperate hotkey altogether (to go back to the beginning of a song), but my 2 cents is I'd prefer it to work as stated above, cuz then I'd only have to think about 1 hotkey (per deck) to bring me back to the benigging of the relevant part of a song.