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**DJ AM is comming to New Zealand!**

phaeton 3:51 AM - 30 May, 2008
Friday 6th june! It'll be interesting to see what he plays,
would of been better to have a couple more NZ hip hop DJs playing though.

SUBSTANCE 8:19 PM - 2 June, 2008
AM, Jazzy Jay & P Money on the same bill... niceness...
DJ AM 12:49 PM - 4 June, 2008
I'm here! Word up
Sam 12:56 PM - 4 June, 2008
Welcome, to the bottom of the world :)
phaeton 3:08 PM - 4 June, 2008
Your shout Sam first round of TEQUILAS!! lol
djransom 4:54 PM - 4 June, 2008
That should be a pretty dope event.
D-Twizzle 9:42 PM - 4 June, 2008
bring me back some kiwis!!
dj poisonous handz 10:26 PM - 4 June, 2008
its gonna be on like donkey kong! ya heard!
dj buterd hams 10:37 PM - 4 June, 2008
is this the real dj am on this forum?
sG 11:19 PM - 4 June, 2008
where dem hobbits at?
DJ AM 12:22 PM - 5 June, 2008
Tis I Mr.Hams...
SloDeck 12:32 PM - 5 June, 2008
HAHA, Happy Birthday Serato, Welcome to NZ AM, Just saw the item on Nightline. I Wonder if I can somehow scam work to let me spend half a day digging in Real Groovy and then let me check out AM.
Poroufessor 1:37 PM - 5 June, 2008
Kiaora DJ AM and welcome to Aotearoa bro!

congrats Serato! thanks Sam, Josh and all the staff@Serato for doin your thing to keep us doing our thing! hope I can make it to the gig too!

DJ Poroufessor
TV Presenter/Host DJ
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dj buterd hams 9:06 PM - 5 June, 2008
word up man. my homie was at a spot when you were spining . he is getting up there. his name is djay sourmilk. yo what made you pick that name dj am?
Martin McFly 9:22 PM - 5 June, 2008
^^^ His initials mayne
dj buterd hams 9:38 PM - 5 June, 2008
really didnt know that . thats pretty simple .
Brigid 10:01 PM - 5 June, 2008
How did you pick your name dj buterd hams?
dj buterd hams 2:08 AM - 6 June, 2008
its was just random f-ing around that came up i kept it . then people called me that and its stayed . sometimes i want to change it . but ...
SUBSTANCE 3:40 AM - 6 June, 2008
I imagine Loaded will be selling a few sneakers in the next week or so.
Brigid 6:55 AM - 6 June, 2008
Haha yeah An just said they came in. Like bees to honey eh
dj cubicle 3:37 PM - 6 June, 2008
According to my leet timezone skillz, I think the show just finished up... Review please?
dave 4:51 PM - 6 June, 2008
You were slightly premature by 30 mins, but AM is/was amazing.
DJ AM 6:06 PM - 6 June, 2008
DAMN that was fun! NZ roolz :) Thanks to all of Team Serato for bringing me down here... TRULY an honor
Brigid 1:58 AM - 7 June, 2008
That was soooooo rad, thanks to everyone who played! It's awesome to have everyone in our home town.
DJ Prinvale` 2:29 AM - 7 June, 2008
damn I wish I coulda seen that
dj cubicle 3:11 AM - 7 June, 2008
No kidding. Brigid, where's the link to the video?

...and don't you dare tell me...
SUBSTANCE 3:14 AM - 7 June, 2008
Great gig. Kinda like DJ school. First time I've seen AM, first time I'd seen Jazzy Jay, first time I'd seen a video set (Big Wiz).

I think the DJ contingent & the people who "heard it was the place to be" were equally entertained, which is all you can ask for really.

Jazzy Jay said P-Money was really good & will go on to do big things... which is kinda lol being that P-Money is a former DMC champ with 4 solo albums to his name - the first of which was called 'Big Things'

I got asked "what's the difference between Jazzy Jeff & Jazzy Jay?"
Brigid 3:26 AM - 7 June, 2008
I got asked "what's the difference between Jazzy Jeff & Jazzy Jay

Yeah I heard something similar from this random girl. The video set from Wiz was off the hook.

No kidding. Brigid, where's the link to the video?

I'm pretty sure we got some good footage, should be able to put it up when we're back at work and it's edited. We'll be sure to post some pics as well.
SUBSTANCE 7:24 AM - 7 June, 2008
The video set from Wiz was off the hook.

nah, your dancing with your bro & Jazzy Jay was more off the hook... ;)
.:DjDECiPHA:. 3:53 AM - 8 June, 2008
pics/video or it didnt happen...
Martin McFly 9:31 AM - 8 June, 2008
pics/video or it didnt happen...