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I need a list of windows based laptops that can run scratchlive video

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Rane SL1
Scratch Live
Windows 7 (64 bit)
jlfreshb 10:16 PM - 10 December, 2012
I have two cdj 1000mkII's with a vestak vmc-002xlu mixer. I do not want to have to buy anything else but a laptop. I like my setup already. Thank you.
Serato, Support
Mak T 10:51 PM - 13 December, 2012
Hey jlfreshb,

Thanks for your post. It really depends on the type of DJ you are. If you are a Video intensive DJ, you will want to purchase a computer that houses a powerful Graphics Card. For Mac computers, we recommend a minimum 1GB Graphic Card, and for Windows, either a Nividia, AMD Raedeon or ATI Catalyst graphic card. In addition, it is recommended to not use the Windows 8 operating system as we do not officially support it. At this point in time we are still thoroughly testing our software with the operating system to ensure it works without issue. Below is a link to an article that will help you with the laptop decision making: (click link)

jlfreshb 5:21 AM - 27 December, 2012
I need to know how I get the video to play on 2nd screen at full screen all the time. I have tried the extended desktop mode, but it will only show what is on host laptop. Is there anothe component I need, I can only get video full screen by double clicking main video out box. When this happens, I lose my scrath live interface page.Thanks.
Serato, Support
Mak T 9:02 PM - 27 December, 2012
Hey jilfreshb,

What type of laptop did you end up purchasing? Sorting a secondary output for both Mac and PC is very different, so I will need to know what type of computer you will be using.

jlfreshb 2:18 AM - 28 December, 2012
A toshiba p870 with intel i5-3210 dual core processor,nvidia 630m 2gb dedicated graphics card,8gb 1600 mhz ddr3 memory, motherboar.d type 2, running windows 8. Thank you kindly
Serato, Support
Mak T 9:07 PM - 2 January, 2013
it is recommended to not use the Windows 8 operating system as we do not officially support it

Hey jlfreshb,

All specs look fine and compatible, apart from the Operating system. Like I said in a previous post, it is recommended to not use the Windows 8 operating system as we do not officially support this operating system. You are more likely to run into complications/issues. There is no current workaround other than to revert back to Windows 7.

Please stay tuned to our website for announcements about support for the Windows 8 OS.

jlfreshb 2:08 AM - 7 January, 2013
Thanks Mak T. I am thinking about going to win 7. I have seen that I will still need a docking station to run dual outputs. I have read where the docking station tend to not be reliable. If I go back to win 7, can I run dual video outputs without the docking station ? Thank you kindly.
Serato, Support
Mak T 2:59 AM - 7 January, 2013
Hey jlfreshb,

Okay. I would definitely suggest using a docking station/USB Hub. However, I would make sure that the docking station of USB hub is a powered one, as this will add stability.

jlfreshb 1:14 AM - 10 January, 2013
Hey Mak T, decided not to go with the Toshiba with Win 8. Got a new 15.3" Macbook Pro with the 1gb Nviidia graphics card. I am importiing itunes songs and my videos. Next I need to download Serato and analyze my files. By tomorrow I should be able to try to run it. Please don't close my thread just yet. My next gig is Jan 18th, so hopefully I can be up and running by then. Thank you kindly.
Serato, Support
Mak T 1:21 AM - 10 January, 2013
Hey jlfreshb,

No Problem :)

Ill keep it open. Let me know how you go.

Talk soon.

Mak T
Funkytownstopsix 4:34 PM - 10 January, 2013
Hp Envy 3200 series works for me. Check out my links below...

My video showing it does in windows 8 on HIGH while using melt.

And a thread I strated a few months ago with more lapotps on the list.
jlfreshb 3:49 AM - 14 January, 2013
Hey Mak T, I got the mbp. Right now I cannot figure out how to run dual display. I can get the mirror display. I have the discrete nvidia graphics card. What am I not doing ?
Serato, Support
Mak T 9:52 PM - 14 January, 2013
Hey jlfreshb,

Thanks for your reply. Below I have attached a link to an article that will guide you through setting up a secondary display: (click link)

Let me know how you go with this.

jlfreshb 12:21 AM - 19 January, 2013
Thanks Mak T, I am up an running !!!!