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Serato DJ no support with Vista?

TheGreek 10:54 PM - 7 December, 2012
I just bought the DDj SX, great unit btw! I installed DJ 1.0 on my laptop, it worked fine. However, I am installing DJ 1.1 now, and it says it needs a windows 7 pc. I understand vista sucks, really slow, but I can not buy another laptop at the moment. Why is there no older windows support though?
dawg1306 3:28 AM - 11 December, 2012
I was running vista and just upgraded to Windows 8 Pro. The Microsoft website is currently selling the electronic version for only $39.... Its worth a try. I cant see why Windows 8 wouldn't work....... Good luck
TheGreek 4:09 AM - 11 December, 2012
yeah i ended up doing that also, instead of buying a new laptop
AxelGiqueaux 9:40 PM - 11 December, 2012
Thanks for the tip @dawg1306 , I have upgraded to Windows 8 Pro for 30€ and now I can use SDJ v1.1
dawg1306 12:30 AM - 12 December, 2012
Wow good for you Axel... So u are able to use SDJ with Windows 8 ?????
TheSilverStreak 1:01 PM - 3 January, 2013
So if I understand these posts correctly, Serato DJ 1.1 will not work with Vista.?

On the site under 'Minimum Specifications,' it says, "Please Note: Currently we do not support Windows 8 for Serato DJ."

I'm in the same boat as many of you (having Vista). I can't see upgrading to Win 8 if Serato is clearly saying it doesn't support it. Also, I can't justify losing the ability of using my other currently installed software, which works just fine in Vista, but won't work with Win 8.
TheSilverStreak 5:56 PM - 3 January, 2013
So does anyone have any official info on this? ^^^^ Thanks!
dawg1306 6:19 PM - 3 January, 2013
I recently upgraded to Windows 8 as well and im sure serato will find a way to make em both compatible....
Bombodog 1:31 PM - 4 January, 2013
So does anyone have any official info on this? ^^^^ Thanks!

no official word but from experimenting it actually works but serato just hasn't made it official that it's supported, windows 8 is just a dressed up version on windows 7 so you should be fine