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Converting from a CD to work with SSL

tig ol' bitties 5:37 PM - 22 December, 2005
I got this insane mixtape on cd and i want to conveert it so i can use it on SSL?? how do i go about doing this without using Itunes? or do i have to use itunes?

tig ol' bitties 5:37 PM - 22 December, 2005
i dont have cd turntables..
Rane, Support
Shaun W 7:04 PM - 22 December, 2005
What are you currently using to rip/import your music to your HD?

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tig ol' bitties 7:20 PM - 22 December, 2005
I just download most of my stuff off limewire (i pay for it, btw) and then just import those right onto SSL..
skinnyguy 8:52 PM - 22 December, 2005
is the mix one entire track or separated into individual tracks? do you want the entire mix as one track or do you want them as individual tracks?

off-topic - isn't dl-ing via limewire the same as illegally dl-ing anyways? all you usually pay for when you "buy" limewire is more features and better software support for the limewire software and their servers. you're not actually purchasing each song you find on limewire.
tig ol' bitties 9:19 PM - 22 December, 2005
well i pay 40 bucks, so i figure that is good nuff to consider it legal for me.

The cd is broken down not all mixed together i want them sepeate and not together. Its the Game, stop snitchin, stop lyin mixtape. He does a couple really hot verses over gotta stay fly beat, hustler ambition beat, and window shopper beat, that i wanna be able to mix in with the reg. versions of the song when i play em.
DJ Unique 6:15 AM - 23 December, 2005
You can use audio editing software such as "Sound Forge" to extract the audio and convert to Wave file. Take your Wave file and seperate what you want. You can use another program such as "CD Architect" to re-organize your files and re-record back to CD but you can adjust where the tracks begin and end.

BTW - I do not recommend you continue downloading from Limewire, Kazaa or any other such locations. It is illegal and when you install those programs, there may be other programs installed in the background that you may not be aware of. Downloaded files may also contain viruses and many of the MP3's are corrupted.
DJMark 6:35 AM - 23 December, 2005
Not only is your $40 NOT absolving you of breaking the law, the transaction itself actually creates evidence that can be used against you.
tig ol' bitties 2:19 PM - 23 December, 2005
i dont really give a fuck buddy. What you gonna call the FBI and have em come arrest me..

I aint getting corrupt files and i think you should all pull the broomsticks from out your asses. I didnt post about limewire i posted about converting files from a cd. Dont hate the player, hate the game bitches.
SpinThis! 4:44 PM - 23 December, 2005
whether downloading music from file sharing networks is legal or not is up for debate. I don't think anyone is going to turn you on here but I wouldn't admit to using LimeWire on a public forum though... that's more or less turning yourself in. For all we know, the riaa could be lurking on the forum; all it would take is a call to Serato/rane's forum admin to surrender your IP address, they trace it back to your ISP, grab your downloading records and you're nailed.

I think you'd start to "give a fuck" when your "buddy" at the riaa busts you for piracy only because you admitted to it on a public forum. Whether that's enough legal evidence or not to issue a warrant I have no idea but it's scary shit regardless.

the motion picture industry has made cases out of all kinds of people lately, for example, nailing this one Grandpa where his grandson was downloading movies using his computer.
DJ Unique 12:23 AM - 25 December, 2005
Tig - We are helping you by giving advice as well as information. You asked for help on converting a CD to something you can use on SSL, and we answered your question.

You do not need to get agressive. You are breaking the law, however we will not turn you in. I am sure there are other SSL users that illegally download MP3's. I stopped my illegal downloading over two years ago. The only files that have given me problems with SSL have been those that I downloaded. I have even found viruses embedded into the MP3 file itself. You can continue to download from Limewire or whatever P2P you want. Just know that if you are caught, you can be sued for $2,000 - $3,000 per illegal file. Most downloaders do not get caught though. It is the ones that offer the files that get caught.

BTW - You or any other DJ can join a record / CD pool and convert your music from original sources. Your files will be better quality.
Righteous 3:16 AM - 25 December, 2005
dam- everybody really needs to back off of people for doing this shit. If they do it- they might get caught, they might not- but i garentee that nagging them about it isn't gonna get them caught faster, if at all... so just lay off. If you want to proclaim your oh-so-holy virtuesness of NOT downloading from p2ps then go join a jesus forum. I figure- i don't care where you get your music, if your mixing, scratching, and cutting it up well- your got my vote as a DJ.
nik39 3:26 AM - 25 December, 2005
Its up to you where you get your songs, correct. You are old enought to know for yourself. Just dont mention it, dont encourage it and dont brag with your stupidity if you even pay for downloading in p2p networks illegally. Thats really dumb. This is not a music exchange board or anything, its a board from a company which lives from making software, who definitly wouldnt support piracy in any way.
DJMark 3:39 AM - 25 December, 2005
I was definitely not trying to play holier-than-thou on this issue...personally I think that the whole mainstream music industry just sucks. Corrupt to the core. They had an easy ride for years, while ripping off the musicians and performers...and now they've been having a harder time thanks to changing technology. boo-de-f**king-hoo. If they all went out of business and the people involved had to become garbage collectors the world would be a much better place. Scum of the Earth.

Have I made myself quite clear?

I posted out of a genuine concern that someone might be hauled in on the material evidence of a financial transaction...a point that I thought might not have been apparent at first thought. That's it.

Happy ho-ho.
Righteous 4:35 AM - 25 December, 2005
Cool- Did not mean to insult you, or anyone in particular...sorry if i did.
tig ol' bitties 5:31 PM - 25 December, 2005
OK! I posted a mother fucking post on how to convert a song from a CD to SSL, not a lecture on what i should and should not be doing. I was asked how i am currently importing. I said what I said then, all of a sudden this turns into a, I take it in the ass convention. If you got a problem with what others do, keep it to yourself. I really dont care about the riaa, or whoever else monitors the other MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people using certain sites. If i get caught then yes its my own problem and i know this and i will take whatever measure to affirm the situation. Its not like I am going fucking crazy and downloading 9000 songs a day. I actaully use record pools, but when i want somthing i cant get from a pool then i am gonna use what i need to use to get what i need, for my SET,which is what this is all about, i want the music I play to come out the way i want it.
NIK39, i see alot of your posts around these forums and who the fuck made you a some sort of an ol holy moderator??? You gotta be a republican and a huge supporter of Bush, there is no doubt in my mind. SO like i said i posted about converting from cd to ssl and i still really havent gotten anyhelp, so if some1 would like to address the ORIGINAL concern of this post that would be just skippy. Merry fucking Christmas.
nik39 6:01 PM - 25 December, 2005
If you got a problem with what others do, keep it to yourself.

I think the others dont really give a sh** what you do at home. Just dont bring that stuff to this board. Simple rules of the board. No illegal stuff over here. Period.

If you still want to debate the rules contact the mod's and discuss this issue with them.

NIK39, i see alot of your posts around these forums and who the fuck made you a some sort of an ol holy moderator?

I am not a moderator, I am not even close to it, I am an average user just like you. Just in case you havent recognized, the mods have an avatar.

No need to curse around, bro', its xmas time. :-) Merry xmas.
joshua 9:53 PM - 25 December, 2005
just open up itunes and rip it via mp3, simple.
MSF 12:18 AM - 26 December, 2005
Yo ..

Mr. sensitive..

try this software for mac...

or.. just do a google search for :

'rip cd to wav download'

There's other software too...nero, ez cd creator, digital performer, cooledit pro (adobe audition,..etc... Dude, there's tons of alternatives. Do the search like i told you to do...
MSF 12:20 AM - 26 December, 2005
and stop actin like a beeyatch about it...
Righteous 3:24 AM - 26 December, 2005
goldpackage 6:56 PM - 26 December, 2005
tig ol' bitties 9:25 PM - 26 December, 2005
whos actin like a bitch? I asked a question. but for some reason others decided to lecture on moral values or whatever. THANKS for addressing my problems but since it took 4 days to get my lecture i figured it out myself, and if u knew me my cursing is being held to a minimum on this, for i am an irish fucker.
joshua 9:32 PM - 26 December, 2005
dude, just let's ALL fucking DROP THIS SHIT!!!!
if i wanted to see some drama, i'd watch a fucking soap opera.
gheesh, you guys need to just leave this shit be.
tig ol' bitties 11:25 PM - 26 December, 2005
dont read the thread then, its that simple.
DJMark 12:01 AM - 27 December, 2005
Somebody please lock this stupid thread already.

Enough said.
tig ol' bitties 12:02 AM - 27 December, 2005
Righteous 3:52 AM - 27 December, 2005
Everybody loves to get the last word...hahaha