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Minimum CPU Requirements

TristanW 2:47 AM - 27 May, 2008
I am little concerned after reading somewhere that the minimum requirements are going to be 2Ghz for Itch when using windows XP.

I have a 1.6ghz dual core with 1.5g ram and it runs Serato only using 25% cpu and runs perfectly. Is Itch going to be able run on the on my computer?
dave 10:18 PM - 2 June, 2008
Yep, that's right. Min specs are here:

Is Itch going to be able run on the on my computer?

Possibly, but it won't be supported because its below minimum spec.

Minimum means minimum, and we recommend better than minimum:

PLEASE NOTE: These are the minimum requirements to run ITCH. For best performance and for use in professional situations we recommend you buy a higher spec computer.
TristanW 11:16 PM - 2 June, 2008
But why would vista require less than XP. Is the 2ghz referring to older single core processors. I can run ableton no worries, Tracktor etc My computer is streamlined for music and is only a year old so why wouldn't it run Itch which is essentially just software to mix two tracks together.
Josh 5:20 AM - 4 June, 2008
that's right, the 2.0 is referring to a pentium 4 mobile CPU. The min spec is here:
TristanW 7:08 AM - 4 June, 2008
So it should be okay then as I have the minimum specs as far as vista goes, but should be better as xp isn't as heavy on the cpu?
eschaton 10:51 AM - 12 September, 2008
hi everybody,
a centrino dualcore CPU is really faster than a pentium 4 mobile, do you think dualcore needs less power as 2Ghz ?
or 2 Ghz is the minimum requirement power for "ALL" the Intel CPU on XP ?
Antony Ellis 1:30 PM - 12 September, 2008
i dont see what the issue is here?? can you not read the minumum requirements?
eddietully 2:48 PM - 14 September, 2008
I am using Vista with Intel Core 2 1.6Ghz processor ans 2G ram. I been getting usb drop puts and stuttering to the point that the music has stopped. I have the buffer set to 256. I know that I could adjust the setting but when you connect a mic there is a substantial delay. Will the use of a power adaptor free up the usb be port for the program to rum better???
eddietully 4:06 PM - 14 September, 2008
just loaed Itch on to a Macbook Pro 2.4 Intel Core Duo with 2GB of ram on the the 10.4.11 OS and experienced the clicking and stuttering as the PC above. Yes, I did move the buffer size, no difference either way. I did not hook up a mic this time. I did check the Cpu usage on both laptops and it was upwards of 75%. What do I do?? The first few days were great with the 300 but now that I want to use this thing on gigs it doesn't seen stable. HELP!
Zeb 10:47 PM - 14 September, 2008
Hi eddietully,
do you have bluetooth & airport disabled.
casket hands 1:18 AM - 15 September, 2008
also , is it completely done indexing your library. I noticed everything was chugging while I was doing that on my equally fast PC.
eddietully 1:38 AM - 15 September, 2008
Zeb - the bluetooth was off but I had to turn off airport. I tested it for a little while seems to be ok with the Mac so far. I will test it and let you know over the next few days. What are your suggestions for the PC I wrote about?

Casket - do you mean building over views? If so I have used the same external hard drive with SSL abd build the overviews awhile back. And decides, this issue seems to be getting worse from when I first used Itch, not better. If it had to index I would think that it would have started from the begining.
Zeb 3:52 AM - 15 September, 2008
I would suggest making sure Bluetooth & WiFi networking are disabled.
Do you notice any difference if you have your computer running on battery or mains power,
also you could try taking your battery out to see if this makes any difference, I know that isn't really an acceptable work around it is only to establish a cause.
There has been some reports about Vista constantly checking battery status causing USB drop outs.
Vista still has considerable problems that Serato is faced with but there will be an update for Itch before the end of the year which will improve Vista performance as well as add some new features.
eddietully 7:34 PM - 15 September, 2008
Will using a power adaptor help by drawing less power from the usb port?

Will there always be a problem using a mic with the unit?

I removed the battery and am having the same problem.

Everything worked great when i first bought it at the Expo in AC. It's seems to be getting worse.

There was A bit of a deifference with the Mac with shutting of the Airport.
Zeb 2:24 AM - 16 September, 2008
I don't know whether using a power adapter will improve USB bus performance, I have heard of other Pro audio hardware manufacturers recommending this so it is possible, increasing the buffer size should improve this, also making sure Bluetooth & WiFi networking are disabled, not running any other applications in the background & making sure Screen saver & Sleep modes are also disabled, these are kind of standard procedures in Professional computer based audio, In regards to the the Mic delay unfortunately the Mic & Aux inputs are not synced to the output, this is something we hope to change in a future release. (this will greatly reduce the delay you are hearing)

If you are using the VCI300 & Microphone live, I would recommend connecting the Mic directly into the venues console or using a separate Mic amp/mixer.
Does this help you at all?

eddietully 3:47 AM - 16 September, 2008
Having to seperate the mic defeates the purpose of having a mic input.

I bought this so I wouldn"t have to carry extra gear to some gigs.
Zeb 4:59 AM - 16 September, 2008
Yeah I agree that's reasonable to expect that, I apologize for any inconvenience this causes & assure you this will be dealt with in a future release.
Until then I can only recommend trying one of the workarounds I have suggested.
kingke 10:25 AM - 8 February, 2015
Hi guys, I just wanted to ask, Will an intel i5 1.33ghz with 2 gig ram windows 7 laptop work well with the numark ns7 and serato itch?

I had this doubt cause I thought that given that the minimum processor required is a a core 2 duo, it should use more resources, but with an i5 processor which is higher it should work fine..

Sorry for my noob question..