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Does the VCI-300 have kill switches?

frosse 2:41 PM - 13 May, 2008
Well, The Vestax discussion board is full of spam so I'll ask here instead. Can anyone of you Serato guys answer me whether of not the VCI-300 has kill switches for EQ?

Pene 2:58 AM - 14 May, 2008
Hi, there are no kill switches on the VCI300 EQ
frosse 6:20 AM - 14 May, 2008
Oh, well does the VCI have a kill function? Like depressable EQ buttons? But maybe you see that as kill switches...
Pene 6:44 AM - 14 May, 2008
You can 'kill' the frequency band by turning the knob for that band all the way down but there are no switches or buttons of any kind for the EQ :)
frosse 5:56 PM - 14 May, 2008
I see. Too bad, but thx for the info.