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Upgraded Sound Cards make SSL better????

DjLil'Roy 10:37 PM - 10 December, 2005
Does sound cards make SSL better when mixing???? I am buying a laptop, and an external hard drive to trans. my music files to, and wondering if i need a better sound card than the stock on in my laptop. i havnt got the laptop yet so i dont know what kind of sound card it has. Doest it even matter?? If all you great Dj's could help me out in what i need to mix SSL good with I am willing to listen. thank you SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL DISK JOCKEY
DJ Unique 10:44 PM - 10 December, 2005
The Scratch Live Box works as a sound card.
You do not need to buy another sound card.
djxatl 10:48 PM - 10 December, 2005
u dont need a sound card period
DjLil'Roy 11:06 PM - 10 December, 2005
thanks dj's now that i have that i can start looking for a great laptop to start mixing with SSL.
mexicannnnnn 11:23 PM - 10 December, 2005
... unless you want to record your mixes on the same computer. Then you will need at least a line in on your laptop (built in soundcard) or you can buy a good one if you need high quality recordings.