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DJ Dav 1:38 AM - 14 October, 2012
I was having issues with my old Mac Pro with the new release of Scratch Live and Serato Video. I went back a version and everything was ok. I received the email saying there was support for Mountain Lion. Apparently that wasn't for video, even though I swear I read that. I purchased a new Mac. Video crashed everything. I read it didn't support serato video. I re-entered my new serial number into my old computer and got the ok prompt. Setting up at my gig I got a warning saying the serial number is invalid. My profile only has one serial for video. So I now have around $5000 worth of macs with no video capability. Needless to say I'm beyond aggravated. My two questions are, can I get a valid serial number for video-sl, and when is serato video going to be mountain lion supported?
phatbob 7:00 PM - 14 October, 2012
2.3.3 will definitely not have been tested with Mountain Lion in mind, but you should be fine with 2.4.2 or 2.4.3.

For those versions you need Serato Video, not VideoSL, and your upgraded serial (the one that starts with SAV).
Scott S 12:09 AM - 15 October, 2012
Hi DJ Dav,

Mountain Lion is supported by Serato Video 1.1 and Scratch Live 2.4.3.

If you downgrade back to a version of Scratch Live that is 2.3.3 and lower then you are able to use your Video-SL licence with that version.

Any version later than 2.3.3 needs a Serato Video (SAV) serial number.

DJ Dav 1:51 PM - 15 October, 2012
I thought originally Serato Video 1.1 did support Mountain Lion. This was what I was running on my new MacPro (with Scratch Live 2.4.3). Serato Video crashed 7-8 times and immediately reopened itself. The next time it crashed it froze my whole system, including audio, mid-gig. In the support for Serato Video the FAQ actually says Serato Video DOES NOT support Mountain Lion. I will set it up at home this week and let it run to see if it happens again.

With my old MacPro (running 2.3.3 Scratch Live I believe), I deauthorized Video-SL for some reason when I got the new computer (guess I assumed it could only be run on one). I don't have my original serial number and my profile at only lists my Serato Video serial number.
Scott S 9:40 PM - 15 October, 2012
Thanks for bringing that FAQ to our attention, as you can see it was last edited in July 2012, so unfortunately it has not been updated for Serato Video 1.1. This has now been fixed.

Both Scratch Live 2.4.3 and Serato Video 1.1 will work fine on Mountain Lion, it just sounds like there is something else on your system that is causing these crashes.

You can view your old Video-SL serial number on your profile page, by clicking the "Show Serial Numbers and Licenses" button at the top of the product list.

Try reinstalling Serato Video 1.1 and let me know if you continue to have any crashes.

DJ Dav 1:06 PM - 17 October, 2012
Hey Scott,

I reinsalled Serato Video two nights ago, and ran it continuously for 3.5 hours, both videos on screen the whole time. I did not have any issues so looks like that might have done it! That, or the fact that I now have my logo sticker on that Mac now... haha.

As for my Video - SL serial number... The only product my profile has on it is Serato Video. I believe I purchased both Scratch Live and Video-SL before this site was up and running. I'm not sure if it is possible to find those out (I might have Scratch Live somewhere but not Video - SL)? It would be nice to have my backup computer to still have video capability.

Thanks for your help,

Scott S 9:34 PM - 18 October, 2012
Sounds good DJ Dav,

That is odd, the old video-sl serial number should still be visible on your profile.

I have sent you a private message with your Video-SL serial number anyway, so you can write it down or save it somewhere :)

DJ Dav 3:24 PM - 22 October, 2012
And as to my gig last Saturday, I had issues again. It actually looks like it might be an Apple issue, and that is the notice that pops up (would you like to report his to Apple). I connect at that gig to a converter box, and think that might have something to do with the problem. I am going to try to run through my converter as opposed to the bars this week and see how it works. Good news is there was never an audio issue and Video relaunched easily. I'll let you know if I make any progress! (I'll also look at the notification that popped up a little closer, and if possible send it your way)

DJ Kormac 5:28 PM - 15 November, 2012
I have the exact same problem. Every time I play a set in my studio it crashes once or twice, when I bring it to clubs it crashes, as you say, 7-8 times and re-launches (most of the time.) I've tried everything suggested on these forums. I've also re-converted all my video files to MP4 as per Serato guidelines and I'm using latest versions of Scratch Live and Serato Video.

These issues have only started happening since I bought my new mac (Macbook Pro - OSX 10.8 with retina display) and switched from Video SL to Serato Video. I was running an older mac with 10.5.8 and never had these problems.

Is it some issue with the resolution I'm outputting to the projector or....? I'm really stumped and as I do this for a living, I'm kind of thinking I need to stop doing AV stuff until I can fix this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.