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Control Wind Up Speed/Power Down Speed in SSE

davetheone 7:04 PM - 30 November, 2005
It would be cool to be able to press start and be able to control the wind up to full speed instead of it being instantaneous. Same for power downs; instead of hard breaking; gradually slowing down to the brake.
dave 8:59 PM - 30 November, 2005
Nice idea Dave. This is something we have talked about having in Scratch studio edition.
davetheone 10:40 PM - 30 November, 2005
U Rock! Of course you do; you're name is DAVE!
davetheone 11:04 PM - 30 November, 2005
BTW for anyone thinking SERATO Dave and Dave "The One" are the same people we're not. I'm a Scratch enthusiast remixer/producer

BTW Dave; I'm doing a cut up of a rock track (extreme audio editing, no turntablism here) here's the link www.4ament.com
This is way over the top and requested specifically by them for me to go bananas; I have a calmer style about the way I do this but I chose to experiment with someone wanting to add a new dimension to their music with this type of mix. The effect is pitch shift/time stretch and can be done with Dave Seratos pitch n time if you're willing to get groovey!!!
davetheone 11:06 PM - 30 November, 2005
Sorry for the double post; i put the wrong address; I should have used preview this is the dave the one website
davetheone 1:49 PM - 4 October, 2006
Any updates on this feature?
Serato, Moderator
Goran 11:07 PM - 4 October, 2006
Sorry not yet,
We have much bigger priorities on Pitch n Time. But we are keeping it in mind.