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Recording live off Serato with Pro Tools 7.0 Digi002

dj amato 1:39 AM - 9 April, 2008
Im having a hard time trying to figure out how to record what im doing on serato. I have the small box lookin hardware interface with 2 turntables a numark performance series mixer DM1100Xi, Macbook Pro and a Digi 002. I'd like to record right into Pro Tools. I just got the new version of serato and realized i can use that, but that's not working right either. I know i have to connect from the numark mixer out to the digi 002 mixer but i dont know where to connect into the digi 002 mixer to get it to work right. If someone could assist me i'd appreciate it.
Josh 11:53 PM - 16 April, 2008
Hi dj amato,

have you read the manual for the 002?