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Waveform and audio dropouts!!! HELP!!

Scratch Live
Rane SL1
DJ_Clippz 10:27 PM - 14 September, 2012
Hi I am having waveform and audio dropouts!

I am using a macbook pro specs:

15" Macbook pro
2.66 GHz processor
intel core i7

I have recently updated to 2.4.2 serato and whilst playing at home on a SL1 box I can play for about 10mins if that... then when I load a new track to the other deck, all of a sudden the track already playing starts to freeze and then the waveform will disappear and it will stop playing and the other new uploaded freezes too. Then I get the whole track cut out! The spinning rainbow wheel appears and then I can't click anything.

I have never encountered this problem until now. I don't know if its because of the update...or my external WD Hard drive. I doubt it is vibrations as mentioned in other posts as I have played hours and hours in the same location ( home) without any dropouts before.

I notice other people are having he same issues...yet there is no solution to be found anywhere! I have a gig tomorrow and I cannot be having this!

Please help!!!!!!! :(
Rane, Support
RafaelM 11:02 PM - 14 September, 2012
You need to re analyze all your files in 2.4.2. This article will help you do this, it will also help you delete any corrupt files that may cause issues:
DJ_Clippz 12:03 AM - 15 September, 2012
Right.... I haven't re analyzed yet...

I am currently backing up all my music from my existing external hard drive to a new one....its taking a long time! However I stopped mid way and have tested it all out with my set up technics 1200s and vestax mixer...seems to be working smoothly - mind you I haven't played at high volume as it is too late and I am in my house! But at low volume it seems to be working fine for now.

Now I am transferring the rest of the bulk of tunes to my new external drive... keep getting an error - 36 when copying over from external to external.... I have googled for solutions to get rid of the error but to no avail... any advice on that? I think this is what is causing the wave form issues as from what I remember it is these tracks that have been causing an issue with play back.

There is nothing wrong with the files as I am able to transfer one by one (what a headache and ball ache!) but when I play back the preview in the new external hard drive it seems to be a flawless track. But previewing in the old ext drive it is choppy!

Note to all other DJ's with the same wave form audio might be your hard drives!!!!! Get a new one!

I will continue and let you know how I get on. But if you know any solution for the -36 error please advise.

Rane, Support
RafaelM 5:12 PM - 17 September, 2012
Sounds like you might want to remove everything from the new drive and start a fresh copy over of your files. Maybe stopping it midway and continuing later is the issue.
DJ_Clippz 5:47 PM - 23 September, 2012

So what I ended up doing was.... luckily I had a back up of my songs on my iMac and just copied the files that were coming up with the error message.

So in the end I moved all my files to my new DESKTOP external hard-drive and ended up bringing that to my gig.... gig went okay no dropouts or any issues. PERFECT! Oh and I did re-analyse everything which felt like an eternity! haha!

Anyways now I need to create a new back up of all the files... LONGNESS! You guys should invest in some sort of icloud back up system for serato that would be epic!

Anyways thanks for the help.