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Serato Scratch Demo Pro Tools 7

davetheone 5:17 AM - 22 November, 2005
Serato Scratch Demo not working in Pro Tools LE 7. If I put scratch on an insert/aux play with it and decide not to use it/use another instrument instead it no longer functions when I try to reload it on same insert/aux or any other tracks insert/aux. No sound is produced. I really wanted this app for x-mas. It's kind of still on the list for x-mas but I'm now reluctant because of this. I really would love this plug-in; it is fantastic as a plug-in. I have a tremendous ammount of suggestions for improvement (when in internal mode) In fact; I enjoy this so much I want the live edition too. May I suggest a package that includes the live and plugin software too? I do mixshows for fm stations in nyc (clearchannel) as well as sirius satellite radio. I only use acid pro. Serato has brought the desire back to me to spin in a dj type setting as opposed to the mechanical software setting in acid (acid pro is still phenomenal by the way)and i'm into a trick style of editing audio (xtreme audio editing) and the serato scratch plugin is just what i've been looking for. I can mimic the effect of a turntable stop/power down in sound forge and pro tools doesnt allow such a thing (or I haven't found it yet) Here is an example of what i'm talking about www.4ament.com this is a song I produced in Reason 3 and edited in sound forge (this is where i mimic the turntable breaks and power downs) Pay particular attention to the 41 to 56 second mark in the track.
Anyhow I'd love to have some automated features available with the plugin; my turntable does some interesting things (it has a pitch bender on it)
If serato is out there listening I really really would love to chat with you about what it is tht i['m after.
For those of you still reading; thank you so much for your time.
Dave The One Mendez (remixer/Extreme Editor)
dave 8:07 PM - 22 November, 2005
Hi Dave, I've replied in your other thread -> serato.com

If serato is out there listening I really really would love to chat with you about what it is tht i['m after.

Yep, we're listening! Post your ideas in the feature suggestions area -> serato.com

.. or send me a private message here -> serato.com

Welcome to the forum!
davetheone 9:21 PM - 22 November, 2005
Done! Thanks for the warm welcome!