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Color Blind

DD 6:08 PM - 12 November, 2005
Possibly making it friendly for the color blind

red and greens are hard to see, so colors should be an option for furture upgrades.

what do you think?
nik39 6:18 PM - 12 November, 2005
Optional. I agree.
Sam 8:33 AM - 16 November, 2005
Colours in the waveform?
nik39 9:15 AM - 16 November, 2005
Changing between b/w and colors was meant I think.
Sam 9:52 AM - 16 November, 2005
in the waveform view?
AKIEM 7:49 AM - 17 November, 2005
yes (i think) hi contrst b and w, grey variations for the waveform.
i think that would work as the daytime sunshine setting too.
DD 9:08 PM - 19 November, 2005
just everything in general...if there was an option to pick B/W or Color?

for "tracking". I find it hard to see green and red's...

waveforms are okay for color...just the little buttons on the view of SSL in general.
nik39 9:28 PM - 19 November, 2005
I find it hard to see green and red's...

Oh... I thought it was grey and red.
nobspangle 5:00 PM - 20 November, 2005
colour blindness is really hard to allow for, it's very hard for a non colourblind person to imagine how stuff will appear to someone who is colour blind.

Colour blind men (women are different) are always amazed when you explain that in Word, grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes are underlined in different colours.
nautical 12:25 AM - 23 November, 2005
Ya, non-colorblind people are always tripping out when I tell them I'm color blind. It's like "what, wait... what color shirt am I wearing?"

Eitherway, there was a deck of KEM cards that worked best for my example (red/green deck), but here's one that's hard for us colorblind people to distinguish as well.

Just stay away from the red/greens or give us the option to change it and we'll love you for it.
DD 9:44 AM - 25 November, 2005
AMEN nautical
DEF:ONE 1:28 PM - 12 October, 2017
yeah i was surprised it doesnt have this feature.12 years later. Need to see the bass in the waveform and it is nearly impossible as the red and green mix so much together. Make life allot easier