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Rip this Ripper a new one.

DJFWB 9:44 PM - 20 July, 2012
Theres a kid on Soundcloud ripping peoples remixes and passing them as his own to get the credit. He ripped one of mine about a month ago, I just found out about it today. Everyone posted on his shit on Soundcloud and Facebook and he finally took it down. There's still a remix up by Poisound that he's calling his own. Make sure you guys go let him know on SoundCloud and Facebook that as DJ's, Producers, and enjoyers of music that we do not accept or appreciate this type of underhanded fuckery.
"Xeon" did not remix this POISOUND did. Unacceptable
DJDBAG 11:44 PM - 20 July, 2012
emal him too

Hello everyone its XeOn here. I hope all you like my songs.

Bio - My Real name is cody reich and i have been making music for about 2 years now. I am 14 and loving it living the young life. And if you would like to contact me send me a e-mail at :