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Can I Daisy Chain Passive Speakers from Powered Ones?

specs132 8:53 PM - 24 May, 2012
Just curious. I'm DJing a friend's wedding and the event center has a set of Bose speakers but the amp is broken (although I'm not sure why since my friend is paying to use the system). The problem is I can't use the house system unless I have a wire that's a few hundred feet long (at least since I have to run it around the room).

In any case the Bose speakers are passive and I have a pair of powered speakers. Could I send the audio signal into the powered speakers and use that to amplify the passive ones?
Logisticalstyles 9:00 PM - 24 May, 2012
Nope, that wont work. The powered speakers are only sending out a non-amplified signal and the passive speakers need an amplified signal.
O.B.1 2:26 AM - 25 May, 2012
it is possible, but you will need to run the audio signal out of the powered speakers - and then through an amp - and then to the passive speakers
DJ Reflex 6:27 AM - 25 May, 2012
Some powered speakers have a powered satellite connection (Peavey makes one). Depends what your speakers can do I guess. Good luck.
DJ GOOK 2:19 PM - 25 May, 2012
is that new peavey 115d any good
DJ Reflex 3:25 AM - 26 May, 2012
I've never used it. I've had 50/50 luck with Peavey. Mixer I had back in the day wasn't bad... built like a tank, but definitely not a DJ mixer. The amps are good, but I've never liked their speakers for some reason. Of course, I've only had experience with a few older models and a set of 18" subs that rattled like Katharine Hepburns' false teeth.
DJ GOOK 3:17 PM - 26 May, 2012
No Sense 6:05 PM - 9 April, 2017
I'm thinking of getting behringer pmp500 with two 15" passive speakers. Could I daisy chain my powered speakers off of the passive speakers out port? I will be running traktor s2 to the behringer mixer. Just looking for some advice.
Ulrich von Hurtem 9:53 PM - 9 April, 2017
No. Taht would be speaker level - not waht active speakers are looking for.
You could daisy chain off the amp, that's driving the passive speakers, if your amp has line level pass thorough.
seanpersaud 4:09 AM - 30 April, 2017
I have 2 gemini as15p (active speakers)

However I'm going to get a passive bass speaker but I need help finding out if I can connect them together
O.B.1 7:53 PM - 30 April, 2017
I have 2 gemini as15p (active speakers)

However I'm going to get a passive bass speaker but I need help finding out if I can connect them together

you will still need a power amplifier for the passive speaker, and a crossover too.
seanpersaud 9:15 PM - 30 April, 2017
Oh and how do the crossover work.
Ulrich von Hurtem 11:54 PM - 30 April, 2017
An active crossover separates a full range signal, in to just the frequency ranges that your speakers can reproduce. so 20hz to 125hz to the sub amp, 125hz to 20khz to the active tops. Thus saving your amps from wasting power amplifying frequencies that your speakers can't produce. You also gain headroom in you speakers because they're no longer struggling to make frequencies they're no good at.

I sue, and recommend a pre-ownd Rane AC22
djjarge 12:37 AM - 19 December, 2017
I have a Mackie pro fx8 mixer. Is it possible to output left and right to a single powered speaker with this mixer?

djjarge 1:13 AM - 19 December, 2017
sorry, i will post this question as a new thread