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Promo Only Latin Series

DJ_X_Trodinaire 2:24 PM - 26 September, 2005
Anyone uses Promoonly?
Latin series

How do you rate it?
or should I go buy it somewhere else?
DJ Unique 3:32 AM - 27 September, 2005
Promo Only is very good but also check out
It is more expensive but if it's what you are looking for, then it may be worth it.

Promo Only uses real CD's and the sound quality is much better, however you only receive 1 CD per month.

Majestic Sounds uses CDR's and sometimes the sound level has not been been normalized. They do however send you 3 CDR's per month.

Another option is to try a Latin Music record pool. A lot more money for this option but you will receive instrumentals and a capellas.

Hope this helps.
DJ_X_Trodinaire 3:44 AM - 27 September, 2005
thanks for the info
DJ MDX 3:59 AM - 27 September, 2005
You can also try out:

or under HitDisc "L" for Latin.

Go to my site at this link and mention me when contacting the person on that thread and he can hook you up with a special for all my members ;-)
Jim Weisz 9:42 PM - 17 March, 2006
Thanks for the plug MDX. I'm a little late on this one but if anyone wants a sample of our Latin series or any of our CD series drop me an e-mail with your complete mailing information.


Jim Weisz
Music Division Manager

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