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How To Play Video

DJ Drastik 2:04 AM - 16 December, 2007
I have a few mp4`s that I was able to located on an old computer....but on my new laptop with Vista and Media Player 11, it doesn`t play mp4`s? How can I play mp4`s in media player, where do i get the plugin or codec needed, or do i need a completely diff video player. Like use quicktime for viewing mp4`s and media player for mp3`s?

Please help
marx 2:40 AM - 16 December, 2007
dif player will be the easiest.

google "vlc player"

windows & mac versions
marx 2:40 AM - 16 December, 2007
also quicktime should play them with np
nik39 3:26 AM - 16 December, 2007
Yes, vlc is the shh...

QT sucks big time esp. on windows. You need to install codecs and this and that.

VLC works out of the box, no additional codec fiddling. The best: It is completely free (open source).
Dj Nyce 7:38 AM - 16 December, 2007
+1 for vlc

if you're really bent on playing mp4 via windows media player, try the combined community codec pack. it includes all the codecs one will ever need to play most video files.