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i win,and the only one using SSL

echa1945mf 9:21 PM - 11 March, 2012
Dear Friends and family

last nite was the awarding nite for REDMA (ravelex electronic dance music award) indonesia's forefront and leading EDM award

and because of all your love,support and vote im blessed to win BALI DJ OF THE YEAR AWARD and Ranked #20 on the REDMA TOP 50 DJ's

anywords are just not enough to thank you all for this this blessed title,i humbly send you my gratitude,and thank you for entrusting me with this Title,hopefully this will push me to better in the future,ive come a long way to this,and i thank each and everyone of you for supporting me every step of the way

to my extended Bali family i thank you for welcoming me to be a part of this wonderful majestic little island,to my 61 Legian family for giving me a place i call home,to my wonderful bali friends,to the generations of BALI DJ's from the oldest to the youngest,the so many DJ Teams,promoters and event organizers in Bali, i thank you

to my friends and family's across this great nation and beyond,to the many clubs,festivals and raves that has blessed me to humble their decks , to my management 1945MF,and army of managers,agents and promoters ive been honoured to work with,all the excellent record labels and wonderful artist that ive work with,all the media and last but not least , YOU that read this message, i humbly thank you

the serato forum family for all the knowledge,debates and just crazy stuff that makes me laugh,and serato for creating Scratch Live,my ultimate weapon of choice and yes im the only DJ on that stage that use serato surrounded by an army of traktor user in indonesia EDM Scene

as a token of my appreciation,heres a collection of 52 tracks of my production, up for free download for all the DJ's and music lovers out there click here to download :

love and Respect

DJ Echa 1945MF
DJ GOOK 9:30 PM - 11 March, 2012
DJ_X_Trodinaire 12:49 AM - 12 March, 2012
BERTO 1:00 AM - 12 March, 2012
O.B.1 7:19 AM - 12 March, 2012
Get it!
djbanno 9:06 AM - 12 March, 2012
Solid stuff Echa, much respect!
tbone8 10:15 AM - 14 March, 2012
COngrats echa and ill be out in bali to party up and relax for a week.may hit up when i get there for recomendations on where to go its been like 8 years since ive been to bali!!!!
reggae delgado 4:19 PM - 14 March, 2012
sacrilicious 4:46 PM - 14 March, 2012
Nice! Congrats!
echa1945mf 7:10 PM - 14 March, 2012

hit me up bro