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Anonymus.Musik.Ger 9:27 PM - 7 March, 2012
Hello every one!

I have a real big problem! I want to record a mix tape... but i can't record with SERATO ITCH & Numark V7.

How can i do that? Which recording Programm ca i use for it?

Thank you. Greetings. Gian Luca
CJ DJ 7:29 PM - 28 March, 2012
Download the latest Itch (2.2) and install it. Open help and you will find the keystroke in the list, I belive it is Control-N on the keyboard.
marvokool 2:38 AM - 3 April, 2012
You can do this in a few ways you can go from the coax.....or digital out put from the x5...if you have one ,...if not .....ypu need to use an audio interface ...with a recording program such as AUDACITY .....THE EASY WAY IS TO JUST USE A USB MIXER.....NUMARK HAS SOME DECENT INEXPENSIVE USB MIXERS......HOPE THAT HELPS
DJ Henny 10:06 PM - 17 April, 2012
One of the easiest ways to record with the Newmark V7's is having a Numark iM9 mixer. This 4 channel mixer is awesome and you simply record your mixtapes on your ipod/iphone.
Dringo247 4:21 AM - 12 April, 2017
To record digital from the v7s what's the set up, I tried everything else not working adacity is recording but poor quality , I tried all settings , I like these v7 but why it had to be so difficult to record , can anyone assist
DJ Henny 2:44 AM - 27 September, 2017
I switched to an Numark M6 USB mixer. The IM9 kept breaking, so I have an M6 USB now. I can finally record my mixes into Ableton with quality. I'll be switching to all Rane equipment soon though. Those Rane12's are what I've been after Numark to do for 6 years!!! Snooze ya loose Numark.