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New Lion 10.7.2 , Is This Stable For Serato ???

Dj RAYO 3:31 PM - 22 January, 2012
Hello ...
Somebody out there who has tried the new Mac/OS X Lion Working with the Serato ?
I mean , Is it stable ? even with Video Sl ?
Do you think these both systems Serato Vs Lion are fully compatible and ready to use ? , I'm Using Mac / OS X 10.5.8. and I'm missing some of the new Mac features needed , Other side , I'm afraid to Switch by the new Lion OS and then to loose Serato or have bad functionality issues.
Any help will be Thanks Full !!!
JDforKing 4:04 PM - 22 January, 2012
works well for me, no problems
lofty 4:51 PM - 22 January, 2012
I'm running 10.7.2
used itch 2.1 on friday for 5 hours
used VSL last night for 4 hours (mind you I'm still using 1.9.2 for SSL - just because my Macbook(not pro) is 5 years old ......
Serato, Support
Martin C 8:07 AM - 23 January, 2012
Hey Dj RAYO,

I am running 10.7.2 and things are pretty good.

Please be aware that Video-SL is still not officially supported for Lion, this is basically because of one main issue concerning the image effect:

Other than that though, the plugin still runs well, you just have to avoid using the image effect for the time being.
Dj Corleone508 7:34 PM - 23 January, 2012
my serato "flies" menu has been having issue ill be searching through folders of music i want to load to my crates and it becomes un clickable... basically i have to reopen searto to import new music
Serato, Support
Martin C 10:12 PM - 23 January, 2012
Is this something that happened to you specifically after you upgrading to Lion? It doesn't sound great, but I can't imagine Lion would be causing something like that.

Have you tried starting a help request regarding that issue? It will be easier for us to provide assistance to you that way :)
techjitsu 10:42 PM - 23 January, 2012
works well for me, no problems

LJ_WOOLSEY 11:05 PM - 23 January, 2012
my serato "flies" menu has been having issue ill be searching through folders of music i want to load to my crates and it becomes un clickable... basically i have to reopen searto to import new music

its a randum one, you also get it where you cant exit the program as the x does nothing. Been like this since 2.0.0 and been mentioned in alot of betas.
Serato, Support
Martin C 1:19 AM - 24 January, 2012
Have you experienced the files menu thing LJ_WOOLSEY? Has it been brought up before in a bug report or anything? I haven't personally come across it myself.
Dj Corleone508 2:19 AM - 24 January, 2012
i just purchased a macbook pro 4 days ago so I'm importing all my music from a folder i put all my old music from the old lap top,
L2daGee 2:24 AM - 24 January, 2012
Been on 10.7.2 since the day it came out. Also running the newest SSL and Itch releases. No problems at all.

Also using ME for videos.

MacBook Pro 15" (Feb. 2011)
2.2 GHz i7 Quad Core
1 GB AMD Video Card
Serato, Support
Martin C 4:08 AM - 24 January, 2012
@ Dj Corleone 508, are you able to start a help request? It would be a lot easier for us to help you with this problem in a thread that isn't full of other users.
nik39 8:57 AM - 24 January, 2012
I had a crash live with 2.3.3 final on 10.7.2.

But I doubt that this was a Lion issue.
Serato, Support
Martin C 11:07 AM - 24 January, 2012
:S thats no good, did you make a help request?
nik39 11:36 AM - 24 January, 2012
Nope, I have given up my hope. Posted in the 2.3.3 areas, but looks like those reports with crash logs have not been answered.

This is also related:
I have posted a couple of crashlogs.
PopRoXxX 1:57 PM - 24 January, 2012
Don't get me worried nik. LOL! I just finalized updating last night. Went around read posts and such on this and all-in-all seemed ok to do now. Re-analyzed ALL my files. Saved a new Serato backup. Time Machined my MBP after all was said and done. Then decided to go ahead and update to Lion.

Nik, I trust your judgement more that most on here. So hopefully I don't run into any huge snags. Anything I should watch out for specifically?
nik39 9:45 PM - 24 January, 2012
Don't use anything where sl uses QuickTime to decode. Mp4, aac. Etc.
PopRoXxX 9:46 PM - 24 January, 2012
Ok .... doesn't quicktime automatically get used though?
nik39 10:22 PM - 24 January, 2012
If you use these files, yes.

But to be fair.. I have to say that I belong to a small set of users who seem to be able to reproduce the issue more or less consistently. But then I also belong to an even smaller group of users who actually have tried hard to reproduce the crashes ;)

So .. it might not affect you. It only affects me under certain conditions. However... I had two embarrassing crashes in the last two weeks - live, under different conditions.