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Scratch Studio Edition WHY is it DEAD?

AquaTek 2:46 PM - 4 November, 2007
First i want to say I love Pitch 'n Time Pro it is the greatest it is the only reason i upgraded to ProTools 6.xxx. I have been playing scratch studio edition with it for a while. I would love for this scratch studio edition to catch on, but it was very limited and then it was discontinued. I know Serato scratch live is you bread and butter, but the Studio DJ that make music feel left out. the demo scratch studio edition could have been a great success and a plugin with a few modifications for midi .
1) use the ttmethod to simplify the DJ notation (record/sample motion, multi-sample playback and cross-fader/mute control) www.ttmethod.com
2) if each midi note was a different audio sound or sample up to 12( -/+ octave multi-sample playback )
3) if the pitch or mod wheel could control the turntable (record/sample motion)
4) if the volume or mute can be controlled ( cross-fader/mute control)
5) all 3 channel can be recorded into a file

this configuration can but controlled by most midi controller already out, and if someone it brave enough to make a REAL midi turntable it would work.

The scratch studio edition was a great idea DJs could use it in Pro Tools. and you could record your scratches.
The money making side of this is the program could be sold as a plug-in or stand alone, and Pro DJs could sell ttmethod Scratch CD.
ttmethod Scratch CD are sample and ttm file(maybe midi)

If you are really interested I would love to be apart of the team.

dave 1:27 AM - 5 November, 2007
Hey Jason,

There were many reasons that influenced our decision to discontinue Scratch studio edition.

One reason is that the studio DJ has an even better tool now: the Rane TTM 57SL (rane.com):

- The TTM 57SL supports Scratch LIVE
- The latest version of Scratch LIVE – 1.7.4, has a hi-fi resampler that makes scratches sound much better than Scratch studio edition ever did
- With the TTM 57SL scratches can be recorded digitally, without any analogue conversion
- The next version of Scratch LIVE – 1.8, will support MIDI
- Scratch LIVE is standalone, its not tied to any particular DAW so you can take your recording and edit it in whatever you like (eg Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, etc.)
djswurv 2:16 PM - 6 December, 2010
ok the ttm57 will not do the same thing as a plug in... as the plug in can be inserted onto a vocal track in a song and scratch your artists voice on the fly without having to bounce and render and take time outta ur creative flow to do that... also ur talking over a $1000 for a mixer vs a couple hundered on a plug... that was the worst mistake to disco this product... If Rane would have put any marketing into it u would find that everyone would buy this not jus dj's... Producers have dj's come to the lab all the time to record... look at dudes like swamp jazzy jeff and qbert they create with programs like Logic and I bet they would love a plug that they could scratch their own track that they just scratched... Man I wish I had this plug!!!!!
it's only software u sure I can't buy a copy from Rane Direct?
djswurv 2:18 PM - 6 December, 2010
and think about it u still sell a SL 1 with it or u can make a smaller box to package with it and make the SL 1 a single input single output and jus use the SL 3 for Scratch Live... Look guys I could do this all day u gotta place on the pay roll for me...
dave 1:53 AM - 18 January, 2011
it's only software u sure I can't buy a copy from Rane Direct?

Serato Scratch Studio Edition was software created, produced, and sold by Serato. Rane didn't have anything to do with it.

think about it u still sell a SL 1 with it

Rane still sells the Rane SL 1 for Serato Scratch Live: serato.com. It's worth noting that the hi-fi resampler in Scratch Live produces better quality scratching than Scratch Studio Edition did.