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A few issues with the NS6 and Itch

Numark NS6
Windows 7 (64 bit)
dj-in-cali 6:17 AM - 20 December, 2011

1. The platters on both deck stop working randomly in scratch mode. Meaning, they don't respond when cueing a track with the platters, or just doing a simple scratch. Platters are calibrated before using Itch,
again this is random, but very annoying.

2. The white zero marker for the pitch control works randomly also. When itch is started, they both light up
if the sliders are set to zero, but during the course of my session they stop working unless I reset the program, then it will happen again. The pitch works correctly, but it bugs me that the white arrow markers
don't always work.

3. Cues that I set up in the course of my set are not saved, or when I set up a cue for a track, then do an instant double, the cue marker only remains on the deck that it was created during that session only, not on the second deck. When I restart Itch, the cues are no longer there, and have to set them up again.
I don't have this problem with Scratch Live, I would think it would work the same on itch.

4. The sound quality is not to par with the SL1. It's not bad, but sound a little distorted at times. Is there any way to may an adjustment on the NS6 to improve the sound?

Overall, I'm enjoying the NS6, The 4 deck control is sick, and the hardware is built nicely, but after forking out a $1000.00, the issues I listed above really worry me. Please help.
Numark, Support
jsanNUMARK 3:00 PM - 20 December, 2011
When the platter stops responding does the software freeze? Does it seem like the software runs fine regardless of what the controller is doing? When you loose platter control is the NS6 still listed in your computer usb list through your system preferences? Do you use any other usb devices with your computer?
dj-in-cali 4:12 PM - 20 December, 2011
When the platter stops working, the software runs fine, it's as if it was running on the none scratch mode, and it would happen to one deck, and the other would be fine, and vise versa. I do use many USB devices, A Serato SL1, Akai APC 40, Torq Xponent, and an external hard drives, but of course not all at the same time. The only thing that was plugged in with the NS6 was an external hard drive. Fortunately I have not noticed any software glitches that I could think of.
Sand 9:32 AM - 22 December, 2011
I have the same problem, scratch mode on my left deck fails after about 5 minutes, it's like it drops back into pitch jog mode. This happens on Mac as well as P.C.
I have gone back to using software version 1.8.1 (Itch for NS6) which seems more stable.
This is a serious performance issue which Numark/Serato need to address, for the price we pay for the NS6 you don't expect it to have these short comings.
Numark, Support
jsanNUMARK 2:36 PM - 22 December, 2011
If you are only having hardware issues please contact the Numark support center so when can get you some one-on-one asssistants and determine possible defects.

United States
Tel: 401.658.3131

Tel: +49 2154-81299-0
Support: +49 2154-81299-20

United Kingdom
Tel: 0044 (0) 1252 896000
dj-in-cali 4:43 AM - 23 December, 2011
Will do, but I'm still having the problems with the cue markers disappearing everytime I start Itch. I wast time having to cue up the tracks on the first down beat after loading a deck.
Numark, Support
jsanNUMARK 1:41 PM - 23 December, 2011
Also before calling in you can try the 2.1 beta Itch upgrade found through this site. I know you said some version were more stable. The newest release has some performance upgrades that should aid our controller.
DeeJay Image 2:04 PM - 23 December, 2011
jsanNUMARK -

I have a similar issue and posted it months ago and again today.. Itch 2.0 worked worse for me and had the issues more frequently - you think 2.1 beta is safe enough to use at gigs and will fix an issue that seems to be hardware related? I'm not sure I see how the software can aid the jog wheel not being reactive as it should be...
Numark, Support
jsanNUMARK 2:13 PM - 23 December, 2011
This is just what I recommended before calling the Numark support line. It was not Dj-in-cali's solution, just a suggestion. You are welcome to call the number above as well Image. As far as the "safe enough at gigs", I would never recommend doing an update like that and heading straight to a gig. Make sure you have some time to see how it works. You may want to call the support line I listed above. If the hardware is defective there is no work around to that.
dj-in-cali 9:12 AM - 24 December, 2011
OK, after talking to the Numark tech support, I think I have some good news to report. There is a firmware update in 2.0.1 that needs to be installed manually.

NS6 - How to manually update firmware in ITCH
Updating the NS6's Firmware in iTCH.

1. Power OFF NS6

2. Attach unit to Computer.(note: NS6 Drivers must be installed for recognition)

3. Power ON NS6 while holding down the FWD, LOAD A and LOAD B buttons.

4. When you see CUE button on right deck blinking, press CUE.

You should now see the LOOP IN button on the left deck lit solid white.
5. Now open up iTCH 2.0.1 to begin the firmware update.

6. When send is complete, the Right Deck CUE button will blink RED.

7. Press the blinking right CUE button to confirm.

8. Remove USB cable from NS6

9. Power NS6 OFF then back ON.

10. Reattach USB cable.

11. Restart the program.

I only had about 15 minutes to test out the platter problem. I gave the NS6 a good test spining the platter exaggeratedly. I think it's good now, but need to do further testing.
hopefully I'll have a chance this weekend.
Attyboy 9:27 PM - 24 December, 2011
I'm having the same problem too. SYNC doesn't work properly. After canceling SYNC on a deck, song does not return to original BPM. Also having the zero marker indicator light disappear on my pitch sliders. FYI I also did the manual firmware update described above and am running Itch 2.0.1

What's up Serato?
dj-in-cali 11:24 PM - 24 December, 2011
Yes, the pitch indicator lights are still randomly working, even after the firmware update,
Attyboy, are you also having problems with the platters? As for the sync, I have not noticed the BPM not returning to normal after canceling, I've only had this unit for about a week now, I'll definetly check that out next time I fool with it.

In regards to the platters, I failed to mention that the blue films are still on the plates, I did catch in the setup instructions to remove them before using the unit, the thing is I'm not sure I'm going to keep the NS6. I need to be sure everything is working as it should be, before I decide to keep it. Best buy gave me till the 24th of January. I do dig the NS6, but for $1000.00 I want everything working solid.
Attyboy 11:37 PM - 24 December, 2011
Sync is totally different now. Also Sync doesnt work like it should and does on ALL other controllers. Ns6 expects you to press Sync on TWO decks now (as indicated by text at bottom of ITCH screen when attempting to SYNC). Who does that? Cant really cancel sync like we used to. Also cancelling sync will start a glitch where the second song will not return to original BPM and the pitch slider cannot zero out (aka original BPM) at the proper center of the slider range. Also notice that the white and red indicator lights on the pitch sliders are out when Sync fiasco happens.

I want a response from ADMIN
Attyboy 11:38 PM - 24 December, 2011
Platters are fine. Recommend removing plastic and touching platters prior to session.
no1djkb 1:15 AM - 28 December, 2011
Attyboy I got use to the sync's way of functioning on itch 1.81 but man after I use a few times on 2.0, it is not that bad. It seems to work more independent on each channel then it did on 1.81
Numark, Support
jsanNUMARK 1:55 PM - 30 December, 2011
Check the link above for the beta update. There are some new sync options to get you going like the old school style you speak of.
Give it a try.
2:00 PM, 13 Jan 2012
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