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hardware disconnected

Serato DJ Intro
Numark MixDeck
carlton 4:00 AM - 14 December, 2011
i just bought a mix deck ran the install serato intro cd installed it had the mix deck hooked up an set to usb midi but my virtual decks not showing up my playlist and everything is showin just cant get the 2 virtual decks to show cause its still saying hardware disconnected i read a couple threds tried them cant get it to come up cant some1 help me out thanks
carlton 5:00 PM - 14 December, 2011
Have a question why dont youl make up a quick video showing the steps that u can take to trouble shoot this problem one for man & pc
jsanNUMARK 7:01 PM - 14 December, 2011
Hey Carlton have you put the mixdeck into midi mode? To do this press "SOURCE" and turn the parameter knob to select "USB-MIDI." Does the Mac see the Mixdeck in system preferences as a USB device? You should see you USB list refresh when the unit is plugged if the Mixdeck is working correctly.
carlton 7:01 PM - 14 December, 2011
yes i tried all of the steps i have been following up in the forum
jsanNUMARK 7:22 PM - 14 December, 2011
So you do see the Mixdeck working fine in your device list? Are you saying you have the Mixdeck selected as the device in Serato and the input/outputs/midi is all set? The only issue you are having is the decks syncing?
carlton 7:43 PM - 14 December, 2011
yes thats the only problem am having gettin serato intro to connect to the mixdeck it just sayin hardware disconnected
jsanNUMARK 7:55 PM - 14 December, 2011
Are you using the latest update of Serato Intro? Is the mixdeck in midi mode before you open Intro? Are you using a USB hub? Are there, or have you had, multiple USB audio/midi devices installed or plugged into your system?
carlton 8:11 PM - 14 December, 2011
yea am using the latest serato intro, i have tried opening it up in midi mode also before opening intro, no am not using any hubs or ontly other devices i used was the vestax 300 an the sl1 box sl3 & the 57 mix all worked flawless just havin problems getting the mix deck to connect am getting ready to give up
carlton 8:15 PM - 14 December, 2011
Are you using the latest update of Serato Intro? Is the mixdeck in midi mode before you open Intro? Are you using a USB hub? Are there, or have you had, multiple USB audio/midi devices installed or plugged into your system?

i saw u asked if am sure i have Mixdeck selected as the device in Serato and the input/outputs/midi is all set? how do i check that i think i did all that also but how can i check it again to make sure i went the right way
jsanNUMARK 8:53 PM - 14 December, 2011
You will have serato preferences and system preferences. Serato won't have many options as it is the Intro edition. Make sure they both say the Mixdeck as the source for input and output. Secondly make sure a driver from the Vestax is not conflicting with your new Mixdeck. A good tool to use to find these unused drivers is a "registry cleaner."
carlton 9:18 PM - 14 December, 2011
how do i get to serato preferences
jsanNUMARK 10:01 PM - 14 December, 2011
The Serato software will have a "settings" tab visible at the top. No searching through menus or anything.
carlton 2:19 AM - 15 December, 2011
am beginning to think my mix deck has a factory fault think i gonna have to take it back to where i bought it from i tried playing an audio cd it reads plays but wen i turn on the scratch feature the cd stop playing wen i touch the platter and hold my finger on it plays again until i take it off or turn the scratch off it will not scratch either
jsanNUMARK 1:52 PM - 15 December, 2011
Yeah? Thats not supposed to do that. You should only have speed/search control when scratch is off. I would swap it out at you retailer if possible. If not you can always give us a call at Numark.

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carlton 2:13 PM - 15 December, 2011
i tried it again today an its workin fine now this is confusing me to the fullest
jsanNUMARK 2:24 PM - 15 December, 2011
If you are sure it was responding to CDs the way you described above, regardless of how it is acting now, I would swap it out for 'peace of mind'. You don't want buggy features in the future.
carlton 9:06 PM - 15 December, 2011
i found out what the problem was at the radio station i play to the surge protector might have had a grounding problem causing the scratch not to work properly it only did that when i plug in to that else where it works fine my problem still stands with the serato dj intro hardware still not connecting
jsanNUMARK 2:25 PM - 16 December, 2011
Heres a random trick to try if you have an old laptop and usb ports on both sides. Take a thumb drive (can be blank) and try to plug it in next to the Mixdeck if there is a parallel port available. Also If you are using a external hard drive try switching it to the other side. Sometimes a port can affect the speed/communication of another port. Try a few combination to see if acts differently. Did you try the 'registry cleaner'?
carlton 6:08 PM - 19 December, 2011
how do i do a registry clean or get a software that can do it
jsanNUMARK 2:15 PM - 20 December, 2011
Forgot your on a Mac so you wont have this tool. Skip that part for now did you try all the other suggestions?
carlton 2:55 AM - 22 December, 2011
yes i have tried it nothing still i tried vdj pro it works find i got traktor it works both perfect dont know what's causing serato dj intro not to connect an work
jsanNUMARK 2:41 PM - 22 December, 2011
It doesn't show up in the Serato Intro settings at all? Not sure why every other software would see it but Intro won't. Have you tried a complete uninstallation of Intro and reinstalling it?
carlton 9:56 PM - 22 December, 2011
nah nothing i tried everything it worked the 1st time i got it and when i had that lil problem with it not working properly because of the ground problem with the serge protector i uninstalled it an the driver an every since it dont show up
jsanNUMARK 1:54 PM - 23 December, 2011
If you reinstalled both of them make sure you have no duplicate software or drivers. If you installed a different version of the driver your computer won't always overwrite the other and your system will be confused.
carlton 10:41 PM - 29 December, 2011
finally i got it up & going don't know why it work with the Numark_MixDeck_Driver_2.0.2 cause my system is running 10.5.8 but i kept at it an it finally connected am up an running on serato dj intro thanks for youl time and help again
jsanNUMARK 1:57 PM - 30 December, 2011
Good to hear Carlton. Now you can rock into the New Year!
carlton 2:36 AM - 10 January, 2012
ok my intro is working fine now just having problems now with audio dropping out at times when i select a song to start a mix it just stops for bout 5sec then continues i don't have the wifi on neither the bluetooth while am using intro it doesn't do for every song but it does it wen least expected lil embarrassing while people are on the floor any ideas
DonGato 2:42 AM - 12 January, 2012
Everything works perfect except for the visual platters freezing and audio going out for 1-2 seconds every minute or so. it has been like this since iconnected it out of the box and continues to do so with all the upgrades and optimizations. i have been with this issue for 2 weeks now. please help
jsanNUMARK 2:17 PM - 12 January, 2012
Carlton, if you have done everything Serato suggest for computer optimization try looking at your source for music. Make sure you are using a different hard drive or partition for you music. Also make sure that drive is not fragmented.

DonGato, do all your usb ports act this way? Where do you keep your music?
DonGato 3:19 PM - 12 January, 2012
yes. I have tried all usb ports and different usb cables. My music is in itunes in my computer hard drive.
jsanNUMARK 4:36 PM - 16 January, 2012
If you have a large music collection I would recommmend keeping it on a different hard drive or partitioned section of a drive. This will help with buffering dropouts. You do have internet/wifi/firewalls off correct?
DonGato 11:34 PM - 16 January, 2012
Already took out all my music and everything has been off. Still having the same problem. It happens exactly every minute
jsanNUMARK 10:26 PM - 17 January, 2012
Give us a call for some one-on-one.

United States
Tel: 401.658.3131

Tel: +49 2154-81299-0
Support: +49 2154-81299-20

United Kingdom
Tel: 0044 (0) 1252 896000
DonGato 10:34 PM - 17 January, 2012
I ve been on the phone with numark for 2.5 weeks now, nothing has helped. I have also been back and forth thru email and have been provided luandry list of updates and optimizations to do and none have worked. Is there any techs in Miami area or can I fly up to Rhode Island to get this issue resolved.
Jason @westend-dj 5:58 PM - 18 January, 2012
I have found a fix for this issue on windows machines should work for mac aswell

i have posted the fix on the westend-dj website if any issues you can contact me on

this is the link for the fix!/westenddj

if you cant get to the westend-dj facebook from the link please search for it on facebook and you should be able to find it on the stream