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Serato DJ Sampler

Selecta Mari 12:02 AM - 12 October, 2011
I just got serato dj and I was wondering if there's any keyboard shortcuts to trigger the sampler.
Thanks in Advance
RickD 1:53 AM - 12 October, 2011
No, unfortunately they don't allow us to use keyboard shortcuts for DJ have to use the mouse & click it....
Selecta Mari 2:15 AM - 12 October, 2011
That sucks! I guess that's their way to make you upgrade to SSL
Thanks Alot
RickD 4:20 AM - 13 October, 2011
wish all it was, was an upgrade, u have 2 buy all new hardware...
DJ Freddy ManzO 12:51 PM - 13 October, 2011
Can someone tell me how to upload samplers
Mathew C 4:29 AM - 14 October, 2011
To load a track to the Sample Player, drag and drop the desired file from your library into one of the sample slots. To eject a track, click the eject button to the right of the title display.
TIP: Select and drag four tracks from your library onto the first sample player slot to simultaneously load four tracks across all four slots.
the SOUNDINSURGENT 5:26 AM - 14 October, 2011
Is there any plans to make the Sampler LOOP??