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serato dj intro

c-ruckuz 3:12 PM - 8 October, 2011
Is there a shortcut to trigger the sp-4 from the keyboard or u have to use the mouse all the time?
the SOUNDINSURGENT 3:42 PM - 8 October, 2011
Use the mouse all the time.......
c-ruckuz 11:11 PM - 8 October, 2011
Damm that sucks but thanks for the reply I appreciated
c-ruckuz 11:12 PM - 8 October, 2011
djdamon2001 3:20 AM - 11 October, 2011
i have a numark mixtrack pro how come intro don't play music from whitelabels
Mathew C 10:26 PM - 12 October, 2011
whitelabel is a service restricted to ScratchLive and ITCH users only
Blade Int 2:56 AM - 13 October, 2011
hi all,,,i wanted to know if there will be an mapping for the serato trial to work on the citronic mpx10, its a cool unit,, n i just bought 1 n think some thing should be sorted out for serato to work on with it as it is said to be a free program for ppl to get to know serato.
Mathew C 4:02 AM - 13 October, 2011
Hi Blade Int,

in terms of hardware suppliers - the best thing you can do here is contact Citronic (in this case) and let them know :-)