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Make V available on its own...?

Karel B 8:02 AM - 27 September, 2007
For the work I do on indie films all I want is to stretch or pitch shift vocal tracks - and I'm sure there are many potential users like me. But I notice that to do so I need to buy the PnT Pro version. However Pro is not cheap, and I don't need all the other bells and whistles.

Since the vocal part of Pro is a completely separate algorithm, would it not be a good idea for Serato to market that as a stand alone product (which could also act as a purchasable add-on to LE?) ?


I'm a PTLE user.
dave 7:59 PM - 28 September, 2007
Thanks Karel. Do you use Pitch 'n Time LE in Logic Pro or Pro Tools?
Karel B 11:22 PM - 5 October, 2007
By saying I am a PTLE user I meant that I am a Pro Tools LE user.