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3 different products???

greenman 7:23 PM - 1 October, 2011
i dont thnik this is very good. have you ever been to a party where djs have to switch their boxes all the time? this is the biggest problem meanwhile anyway that makes pro djs playing abroad go back to cds. now, if you own the vestax 300 and another dj uses dj intro and also wants to use the vestax 300, then boxes need to be switched? and also - why isnt there an interface independent dj intro software? if i can buy that numark mixpro thing for 186 euros, serato wont earn much if anything from it. still i dont want to buy it. in fact i have my own party going next week in private and we dont have a big desk, my friend will have itch + vestax 300, i have serato scratch. why can we just plug out our laptops and both use the same interface without a lot of programming?
the SOUNDINSURGENT 7:58 PM - 1 October, 2011
Just download it and plug in your controller...........leave the box hooked up. Theres nothing to unplug. I have my Mixdeck plugged in aswell as my SL3. It takes like 30 seconds to close and open the other program, hell you dont even have to close the program. If I could post a picture I'd show you that you can run both at the SAME TIME.
greenman 11:55 PM - 1 October, 2011
i only use serato scratch so far, my friend will come with itch and the vestax
will serato scratch work with the vestax the same way without having me to program it? what do i have to configure for this. I dont know itch, i dont know whats different between itch and scratch, will crates be there etc
the SOUNDINSURGENT 5:29 PM - 2 October, 2011
I'm not understanding what your trying to do..... The Vestax controller will not work with SSL.
pdidy 9:35 AM - 4 October, 2011
get one of solved.
pdidy 9:37 AM - 4 October, 2011