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I believe.....

Mighty Dragon Sounds 3:04 PM - 1 October, 2011
Since I am a user of both Scratch Live and Itch and now.... DJ Intro with an old VCI-100 siting around.... I feel that the following changes should be made....

Yes low end controllers (i.e. those that cost $300.00 and under) should be only DJ Intro Compatible.

Higher End Controllers (VCI-300, NS6, NS7 etc and especially the proposed VCI-400) should be Compatible with both DJ Intro and Itch. Why would I even consider spending close to $1000.00 dollars for a VCI-400 that utilizes 4 channels but you are limiting me to 2 with the DJ Intro Software??? Do you want me to make the switch to Trakktor?

And of course all the SL1 SL2 SL3 SL4, TTM57, and Rane 64 should be dedicated to just Scratch Live.

But really... Really??? When I first saw the VCI-400 being advertised my check book almost immediately came open to set some money aside for it..... but when I heard that it ships with DJ Intro..... and no word of Itch Compatibility......? A high end product with entry level software? Where was the marketing strategy behind that?
DJMIYAGI 7:26 PM - 4 October, 2011
Four deck controllers (such as Numark N4 and Mixdeck Quad) that are compatible with DJ Intro will ship with a four deck version of the software(Also VDJ). I think it would be unwise for Serato and Vestax NOT to do the same with VCI-400.
skratchworx 9:21 PM - 4 October, 2011
Just to clarify this - DJ Intro is 2 channel only and as far as I'm aware will reman 2 channels. Beginners do not need 4 channels. Vestax didn't have to add DJ Intro compatibility, and if it had been ITCH, the price would have been much higher.

And if it was going to have ITCH, it would have said so from the start. No other unit has been released and then at a later date had ITCH added. Don't expect this to be any different.
Mighty Dragon Sounds 11:25 PM - 4 October, 2011
I am hoping they will do something like Pioneer..... Make two controllers, one dedicated to Trakktor and the rest, and one for Serato