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Can you record with DJ Intro?

damehype 2:09 PM - 29 September, 2011
Just wondering
damehype 2:15 PM - 29 September, 2011
And will it support files?
ChrisD 9:43 PM - 29 September, 2011
Hi damehype.

There is no recording feature in DJ Intro, and file support is limited to ITCH and Scratch Live.
CamoHiddenDJ 10:21 PM - 29 September, 2011
oh well, there's always audacity... You guys SHOULD put recording into DJ Intro, how else are all these intro djs gonna ever get out of the bedroom and in the clubs where they'll then purchase rane interfaces to stay within the serato family but with a pro level product.
RAMPING 11:54 PM - 29 September, 2011
yeah, why isnt their recording I was actually going to buy this...but how can someone promote with out any proper recording.
DJChad72 5:22 AM - 30 September, 2011
Just a few words of advise:

1) if you are ready to record demos and try to land a chance/job at a club... you are most likely making the decision to get out of the bedroom, stop doing free house party gigs, and get into a club that pays. That is when you need to decide if you are investing in equipment appropriate for a business venture vs hobby.

2) VDJ LE and Traktor LE do not have recording capabilities in comparison.

3) there are cheap ways to record a demo. For instance, CD and DVD recorders. DVD recorders you can record longer demos vs CD recorders. But recorded CDs are obviously easier to rip to your computer for sharing/upload/streaming. Just use your RCA output from your Intro supported controller and run it to the audio in of your CD/DVD recorder.
BUYA 5:30 AM - 30 September, 2011
its a le version of serato peeps... get a recorder or use audacity.. invest on your dj rig... upgrade later...
MALAKAA 11:59 PM - 22 October, 2011
or use djm 350 to record
jonchie 12:45 PM - 3 November, 2011
>2) VDJ LE and Traktor LE do not have recording capabilities in comparison.

VDJ LE can recording, but WAV only not mp3.
DJChad72 6:31 AM - 13 November, 2011
Awe - they have updated. I only had LE at 4.3-ish, which didnt even allow you to mix 2 decks at the same time through 2 different channels. So it really didnt matter if you could record - you could not even mix.

Serato ITCH is WAV and AIF (?) format. So either software will produce a non-internet friendly format. If you use MAC, WavePAD is the greatest app for ~$30 to edit, normalize, and master your recorded track.
DJ Notch 4:05 AM - 21 November, 2011
Will the later version to be released in Dec for ERGO have the option to record?