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Reference Track in Tempo Mode?

JonCraig 1:02 AM - 13 September, 2007
So, I've been playing with the 2nd & 3rd "pages" of tempo mode. What I would really like to see would be a user-selectable "reference track". If I'm, say, pocketing an acoustic guitar to the bass, I really need to be able to see what my breakpoint movements are doing relative to the bass, rather than to the current "source" track.

What would REALLY rock, would be if the "reference track" could overlay the waveforms of multiple tracks--I'm specifically thinking Kick & Snare there. But perhaps that's just me thinking too hard.

dave 2:47 AM - 13 September, 2007
Nice idea, thanks.
JonCraig 3:06 AM - 13 September, 2007
no, no... thank YOU for putting it in PnT v2.5 ;-)
dave 7:23 AM - 13 September, 2007