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ttm-57 - eXCLUDE mIC fROM aUX oPTION

cappinkirk 6:47 PM - 30 August, 2007
when i use the effects on the ttm-57 flexFX it also uses those effects on the mic. i'd like to not have to turn off effects every time i use the mic, so an exlude Mic from Aux or some other similar option that accomplishes this effect would be great. for mixes this would be great too, another ttm57 record option (like "mix", "pre1", etc.) that does this would be great.

In the meantime I'm using the ttm-57 into another master mixer and then out, and the mic is going through that other mixer, so please do not post messages on this thread about how to work around this limitation.

nobspangle 7:12 PM - 30 August, 2007
This would require a redesign of the hardware as the FlexFX, Aux input and mic input all share the same DSP.
cappinkirk 7:18 PM - 30 August, 2007
right, well thats all good for the programmers to worry about, not me...i'm just suggesting a feature to Rane I don't care what it involves.

It's not like I actually expect it to be implemented or anything.
cappinkirk 8:00 PM - 30 August, 2007
not trying to sound like an a$$hole either though, thanks for the intelligent response nobspangle
nik39 9:37 AM - 31 August, 2007
right, well thats all good for the programmers to worry about

You did not understand.

This is something which cant be changed with programming, this would need a hardware redesign.