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Keep tracks in prepare crate until i delete them

kristinachilds 5:01 PM - 12 August, 2011
the prepare crate is great, but just like the tracks turning green after being loaded in to the deck on v1, it drives me crazy that it disappears from the prepare crate after i load them in the deck. if i decide the mix isn't that great and decide to play it later i have to go search and put it back in the prepare crate. can we fix that maybe?

or am i just retarded and that feature exists already and i can't find it?
DEEJAY SERGE 12:44 AM - 8 April, 2017
6 years yes you are not retarded, myself would love to see this option of keeping tracks in the prepare folder even after playing them...
Le Frique 4:14 PM - 13 April, 2017
DJ Marv the Maverick 9:42 AM - 22 April, 2017

Could be an option in settings

Keep track in Prep list or Delete after play.

I also do not like the way tracks dissappear once you load them even if you decide not to drop the track.

I think there should be a way to use the gain meter or faders to sort this out i.e if the track did not get played out loud then it shouldn't be tagged/removed as played.

Often times I have to drag my prep list into a new crate so I can keep an eye on it.
acemc 4:45 PM - 26 April, 2017
I often load a track from prep & then decide, nows not the right time,maybe a little later..... come later the track is.......Gone!!
Papa Midnight 7:42 PM - 26 April, 2017
6 Years Later... +1
DJ.Monty 11:36 AM - 17 June, 2017

Unbelievable this has still not been added
AKIEM 4:53 AM - 28 June, 2017
Been asking from day one.
kristinachilds 6:41 AM - 6 November, 2017
WOOHOO! not retarded!

but guys... dude... 6 years later? try to keep up mmkay? ;)

[just kidding, super stoked to have some backup on this one. still waiting... in prepare cra—oops! nope, i just quit on accident.]
DJ ILLEE 3:44 AM - 9 October, 2018
AKIEM 3:00 PM - 9 October, 2018
13 years requested
djkee 2:23 AM - 18 October, 2018
Control-Z or Command-Z (on Mac).

will unload the last track you loaded and it will pop back into the prepare window.
AKIEM 8:45 AM - 19 October, 2018
Control-Z or Command-Z (on Mac).

will unload the last track you loaded and it will pop back into the prepare window.

if your prepare window is closed and/or you dont use the laptop that is a hassle. so is Undo in the first place. thats what this request is about.
DJ.Monty 12:56 PM - 22 October, 2018
+1 again! Come on Serato add this feature!
Bornd Fono 11:29 PM - 28 October, 2018