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What features would you like to see in Serato software?

Larger Overview Waveform

DJ Ty - agiprodj 7:51 PM - 23 June, 2004
It would be nice to have a taller amplitude for the overview waveform for house and trance DJs that need to see where the breaks are ahead of time.
Sam 12:37 AM - 24 June, 2004
Hi Ty,
This is definietly in the pipeline. There are a couple of things we need to address before we can change this. We intend to implement it as a greater zoom level on the main waveform view, rather than a bigger overview.

DJ Ty - agiprodj 10:05 AM - 24 June, 2004
Sweet! Thx Sam!
David Eserin 8:51 PM - 28 June, 2004
I think it would look better the way Final Scratch have the main overview, but the rest is amasing. I find the close up waveform jitters slightly on my machine. (running ATI 7200 64mb RAM).

If the tempo match waveform was wider too that would be cool.
dj_ricochet 7:02 AM - 29 June, 2004
now that i'm getting used to the vertically scrolling waveform i'm actually finding it quite intuitive to the motion of the records themselves.

Any option of having the waveforms being of adjustable size - ie. being able to drag up and down the line between the information part of the screen (top 1/3) and the part listing the tracks (bottom 2/3) so that you can have the waves displayed bigger or view more tracks at one time as you please? I run at quite high res (1600 x 1200) and find that it's great to be able to see lots of tracks, but the waveforms etc are quite small!
17 1:28 AM - 30 June, 2004
I agree ricochet.
I wish i could rearrange the scrren so that i only see 5-10 songs at the bottom and the records and waveforms scale accordingly. Anyone think that this could be in the future?


Josh 1:40 AM - 30 June, 2004
Yeah I for one think this is a good idea... I also have an inkling it would be a TON of work...
dj_ricochet 1:51 AM - 30 June, 2004
well if they've all been programmed statically as a certain pixel resolution rather than a relative value then yes...
Josh 2:07 AM - 30 June, 2004
Steve W 7:24 AM - 30 June, 2004
I'd prefer to see a mixing-oriented mode where the rotating decks are replaced by horizontal waveforms that stretch from edge to edge.
dj_ricochet 7:40 AM - 30 June, 2004
i guess that'd be nice although i find the existing waveform overview to be sufficient to see the breakdowns etc... a larger horizontal waveform would certainly be a nice option tho (but more work.. guessing it definitely wouldn't come under the "bug-fixes" category!)
İ40 12:40 PM - 30 November, 2018
good idea!!!
Hanginon 4:06 AM - 1 December, 2018
good idea!!!

Actually, a Great Idea, but even if implemented tomorrow, 14 years late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

İ40 8:54 PM - 5 December, 2018
14 years is not too bad!?