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Live Playlist Embed Code

DJ MoonDawg 3:37 AM - 10 August, 2011
I'm a radio mixer and it would be GREAT to be able to embed the Live Playlist on my blog as I'm mixing on-air so that listeners can follow along with the artist/song names during my set. Then once I'm done with my live set the playlist remains embeded on my blog so that I can post the audio of the mix on that same blog post so ppl have the audio and a tracklist of what was played for Song ID purposes.
Eru G 4:03 AM - 10 August, 2011
Hey MoonDawg,

This is definitely something we've thought about doing with Playlists - being able to embed playlists in blogs/Facebook Feeds/Twitter is a really cool idea.

We aren't actively working on this type of functionality right now, but it never hurts to ask - it also lets us know what kind of features you guys are after, so thanks for posting this "feature request"

DJ MoonDawg 4:54 PM - 10 August, 2011
Definitely having your playlist connected to your Facebook & Twitter would be great! So that each track played would pop up in real-time on both social networks. The important part of this, as a DJ, would be that these live updates be formatted. i.e. #NP Artist - Song "at Venue" or "on Radio Station Call Letters". Click here to listen live (if applicable) via or @SeratoHQ

All the while the main Live Playlist is embedded on a website or blog. Hopefully you see where I was going with it and this becomes something Serato can actively work on. I'm quite sure this type of functionality will be well received by DJ's and Label's as well. Many label reps/music promoters both major & indie follow DJ's on social networks and to be able to see in real time that a DJ played their record would be pretty amazing as well.

Thx for your timely response Eru!
irieproductions 3:54 AM - 23 August, 2011
+1 , would love this feature as well.
irieproductions 3:55 AM - 23 August, 2011
all the major radio stations have similar functionality but i got no clue what software they are using :|
geekinthepink 11:09 AM - 8 September, 2011
+1 Definately should have some form of embed code going on! Get to it guys! :)
alfasin 5:19 PM - 20 November, 2011
anyone knows if it's possible already (getting the playlist from serato) ?
djjoefresh 4:08 AM - 21 February, 2012
I would still love to see this happen, I'm doing a live mix on Mixlr right now and would love to have some way for people to see what tracks I am currently playing.
Jai_parkash 6:44 AM - 8 June, 2012
this is good.........
q_the_physicist 6:19 PM - 6 August, 2012
u can use the ssl scrobbler by ben xo for this. google: sslscrobbler
DJ Art Pumpin Payne 12:08 AM - 15 October, 2012
anyone knows if it's possible already (getting the playlist from serato) ?

There is a company based on West Coast that was working on something like this:
Are you a Traktor or Serato DJ? Interested in sharing your playlist in real time? Download the free BeatsMe DJ Plug-in and get started today!

Seems to work better with Traktor at the moment - some of my friends in the Detroit Techno scene (Traktor users) used it during the Movement festival and at Parties here in Detroit earlier this year. I wanted to help them test it further with Serato but got sidetracked and never followed up (plus Serato itself was a bit buggy earlier this year too).

Maybe Serato playlist could adapt, incorporate or copy or create a Serato variant.
ChrisD 9:25 PM - 15 October, 2012
Thanks Art. I'll check it out.
djjoefresh 2:19 AM - 16 October, 2012
Been messing around with BeatsMe a little, looks promising for a beta, would like to see what options they come up with for displaying the track information to the fans. Mobile web app is ok, but an RSS feed that can be displayed in customizable and animated ways would be awesome.

Would be even more awesome if this became a built-in feature in Serato, that would be something no other DJ software would have.
DJ Art Pumpin Payne 3:39 AM - 16 October, 2012
Would be even more awesome if this became a built-in feature in Serato, that would be something no other DJ software would have.

It's not built into Traktor as of yet but it seems to be pretty damn close from what I saw -LOL. I was at the KMS anniversary party where Kevin Saunderson and Phil Agosta (who were shown in the video) both played - (I think Phil is still a Native Instruments rep). seemed to work as advertised when I played with my phone App during the gig checking out various DJ. I was checking out a set by MK and he used a NS-7 controller - seemed to work for him as well as Saunderson using similar.

Only drawback was when Saunderson and Derrick May tagged teamed on the closing set - May plays mostly real vinyl (or CD) - so tracks didn't show - you need a computer - DOH!
DJ Mad Mat 1:07 PM - 3 October, 2014
MarkyMMP 10:28 PM - 12 January, 2015
SUBSTANCE 10:02 AM - 4 August, 2015
The ability to live update a playlist to various places at once would be really helpful.
ie, radio station home page, Facebook page, & a twitter account simultaneously.
MarkyMMP 10:14 AM - 4 August, 2015
That would be great along with a metadata output for BUTT or Nicecast
Selecta Catboy 6:37 AM - 12 May, 2016
Please Serato to this possible. I want to incorporate this featuring in my website and socials medias.