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Macbook 13inch 120g ram full?

DJ D-ROC 3:48 PM - 17 August, 2007
I have 7,970 songs saved on my lap top hd but now it is saying it is full when i try to add some more songs. It mentions that i have to delete some files in order to upload, or add any more files. All i have is music files nothing else i erased most of my programs that came with my mac book. My hd says it has 3.21 gb available.
diego vega 5:22 PM - 17 August, 2007
Get a program called What Size here:

It helps you find where you disk space is being taken.

Just today I was checking my Macbook's hard drive and had like 2 Gb left, after cleaning up a ton of stuff I didn't even know was there (for example unnecessary printer drivers take a lot of Gbs, or Garageband loops that I don't even use) I ended up with 7 Gb more.

Try it.
Konix 5:32 PM - 17 August, 2007
Check out this program too...

It will remove all the foreign language stuff you don't need in OSX. Saved me about 3GB.
DJ-A 5:58 PM - 17 August, 2007
still though... 8000 songs isnt anywhere close to 120 gb
dj_soo 6:05 PM - 17 August, 2007
ok just to clarify cause it seems people don't understand the difference between HD space and memory

RAM = Random Access Memory = temporary storage space where applications can write temporary data to access it quicker. The more RAM you have the better performance generally. Data will be generally erased after the app or hardware is powered down

HD Space = Space left on your hard drive.
DJ-A 6:22 PM - 17 August, 2007
the way i read it looks like everyone is talking about space to me... someone did say a few days ago that there was an archive file that the apple geeks deleted from his computer that freed up like 10 gb's
DjWoody 6:30 PM - 17 August, 2007
still though... 8000 songs isnt anywhere close to 120 gb

It is if they're all AIFFs, FLAC,or WAV.
DJ D-ROC 6:30 PM - 17 August, 2007
Sounds great ill download both those to help free up some space. I manually erased a bunch of programs and stuff that i dont use on my macbook 13inch. It did free up some stuff for me. weird cause i have 120g on it when i bought it.
DJ-A 6:46 PM - 17 August, 2007
DJ D-ROC what kind of files do you use for your music files?
dj solomon 6:59 PM - 17 August, 2007
try emptying your trash, cntrl click the trash icon
DJ D-ROC 7:08 PM - 17 August, 2007
mp3s only the bit rate for each is either 320 or 192. I also emptied my trash as well.
cappinkirk 8:34 PM - 17 August, 2007
when my space gets full i do a search for all files over 10000 kb and then see where my biggest files are and if I still need them or not. try a different size if that doesn't work (bigger for example)