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Rane TTM 57SL won't power up.

Scratch Live
Rane TTM 57SL
rustledust 12:23 PM - 10 July, 2011
Product: scratchlive
Version: dont-know
Hardware: rane-ttm57sl
Computer: mac
OS Version: dont-know

My building was struck by lightning when I was listening to records yesterday. After this my mixer would no longer power up although the turntables and amp were unaffected. I tested the cable and its 10A fuse on another appliance and it powered up so can only assume that a fuse has gone in the Rane's power supply.
Rane, Support
RafaelM 6:24 PM - 11 July, 2011
SOunds about right. Theres no fuse, so it may just have burnt the power supply in general.

In order to get the unit repaired, you will need to contact us here at Rane.

Shoot me an email with:

Full name
Shipping address
Phone number
Serial number
Problems with the unit
A reference to this thread

7:00 PM, 25 Jul 2011
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