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Serato BPM Analyzer

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Rane SL3
IAmAliLol 10:38 AM - 12 June, 2011
Product: scratchlive
Version: 2.2
Hardware: scratchlive-sl3
Computer: mac
OS Version: 10.6.7

Quick question guys, ive got all my music in itunes and i have serato pick it up. my itunes shows up as a crate and its great blah blah. the question i have is ive got about 12,000 songs in there and id like to analyze for bpm.

Would clicking analyze tracks and do them all at once be bad? i did try it once and my macbook pro got really loud as if it was working really hard.

any solutions? thanks guys.
DJ Deano 10:29 PM - 12 June, 2011
Mixmeister, offer a free BPM tagger, which is very good.
Logan D 6:03 AM - 13 June, 2011
Hey IAmAliLol,

Analyzing your tracks like this is not bad, in-fact we recommend it. Clicking 'Analyze Files' will analyze any files in your Scratch Live library that haven't been analyzed before. If you want to only analyze the files in your iTunes crate then you can drag-and-drop this crate onto the 'Analyze Files' button and Scratch Live will only analyze them.

Analyzing your files is important because it builds overviews/waveforms for your songs, calculates a BPM (where possible), and identifies any files that are corrupt.

Cheers :)
IAmAliLol 7:41 AM - 13 June, 2011
Mixmeister, offer a free BPM tagger, which is very good.

i would but i already got serato.. why download another program. thanks a lot though

thanks a lot Logan, ill give it a try. as far as accuracy goes, thats subjective yeah?
Logan D 4:14 AM - 14 June, 2011
Generally if Scratch Live calculates the BPM it will be dead-accurate, if it can't get it accurate it usually will leave the BPM field blank. However this is not always the case, every now-and-then it will calculate an incorrect BPM but generally setting the BPM 'range' in Scratch Live and re-analyzing the file will fix this.

Sorry I also forgot to mention that when you analyze your files you will need to have the 'Auto Set BPM' option selected. This is next to the 'Analyze files' button.

Let me know how you go :)
IAmAliLol 11:32 AM - 18 June, 2011
So i went ahead and did all my music at once.. i was a little sketched cus the mac did get louder and a little louder but the analyzer ran great and all the bpms are well done.

also the fact that i felt asleep while it was doing its thing helped a lot as far as being worried haha. thanks a lot for the help.
Logan D 12:36 AM - 21 June, 2011
No problem :)