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Making an SSL account on OSX 10.3

lancota 8:35 PM - 13 August, 2004
Are there some tips/tricks to creating a user account for SSL that would explain how to turn off all the excessive programs that you don't need running.

Everytime I create a new account I still get the same stuff running in the background as with my main account and it doesn't really make sense for me to use a new account if there's no difference in the programs that are running.

Any help would be great :)

Stuart Ramdeen 12:28 AM - 14 August, 2004
what kind of stuff do you get running in the background? How do you know you have stuff running?

12micsn1 12:32 AM - 14 August, 2004
Does it not say in the manual not to run other programs along with SSL?
AJ 5:55 AM - 14 August, 2004
I don't think we say "don't do it", but it's like any critical mission type situation, you want your computer performing at its best so free up as much CPU as you can. That doesn't mean you can't run other apps, sometimes you want to run other stuff, maybe scratch live will work as a rewire type or something one day.

As for tricks and tips for system performance, have a search through the forum, I know there have been posts about this very thing. A lilnk to a website that tells you exactly how to turn all that unnecessary stuff off. The search feature on this forum works really nicely, even if we do say so ourselves.