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question about looping?

djlucas 9:18 PM - 9 August, 2004
i want to use 1 bar loops in my mix, i put the song on loop, but there is a short delay when it gets to the end
is there a way to do it so that it loops precisely at the end of the bar.

Can anyone help, is it possible? i thought it would be but im havein no luck at the moment, and i cant understand why
cheers for any help
skutch 10:11 PM - 9 August, 2004
there aint nunsuch loopin in this here program. you might be confusin that there mic sampler scratch-a-madoo for a bonafide looper.

really- either you can do it the old fashion way (with your ten fingers and two record players), you can write your own music track. or give a mic check and get really ill at some technofied beat boxing.
feniks 10:18 PM - 9 August, 2004
actually, anything under 12s in length is supposed to loop seamlessly on SSL.
feniks 10:18 PM - 9 August, 2004
you can switch to relative mode and still have pitch contol over the loop.
skutch 10:23 PM - 9 August, 2004
sorry---i was struck dumb at birth by a thunderclap.
djlucas 10:57 PM - 9 August, 2004
so does the loop on serato not do what i thought it did as in loop as soon as it reaches the end of the audio file!

i have made the loops so they loop perfectly but i still cant get it to loop spot on, surely it should work shouldn't it? or am i being to hopefull
feniks 11:07 PM - 9 August, 2004
honestly i haven't had a chance to try this feature out yet. i will def get on it tonight and post more about it soon.
Sam 12:46 AM - 10 August, 2004
Scratch LIVE currently waits until the record marker is back at the 12 o'clock position before playing the sample again. In the next version, this will change so that short loops will play continuously.
djlucas 2:36 PM - 10 August, 2004
can't wait, for that, i've got so many loops that i've made that i want to use. that would be perfect.

I really am so impressed with scratch Live, its the dogs B**locks
Dj Stubby 4:01 AM - 11 August, 2004
Yea, the looping in the next version would really be a plus!