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add "unseslected deck" as a TTM57 button option

cappinkirk 2:31 AM - 30 May, 2007
since there is "left deck" "right deck" and "selected deck" there should also be an "unselected deck" option. I have a specific need for this function. this would not take much additional programming time at all I would imagine.
nik39 8:04 AM - 30 May, 2007
Explain. Select deck only applies to functions which are deck dependent (like load track to deck), they don't make sense without a selected deck.
cappinkirk 1:02 PM - 30 May, 2007
the opposite deck of "selected deck" is "unselected deck". i think it's pretty simple if you understand the concept of selected deck, and that it can control the left or right decks when they aren't selected.
cappinkirk 1:13 PM - 30 May, 2007
when I'm using serato with 1 deck only this would be a very nice feature to have for joystick triggers (set unselected deck to internal mode for example) when you do the 1 deck trick you need to have the unselected deck to be in internal mode in order to swap and continue playing (otherwise the music stops when you swap)
nik39 1:58 PM - 30 May, 2007
Sorry, I can't follow you. Can you explain it in simple words please... ;) Step by step.
boabmatic 2:15 PM - 30 May, 2007
think he means......

say DECK 1 is selected
then assign "LOOP TRIGGER for UNSELECTED DECK" to a 57 button B1

Now when you press B1 it will LOOP the track playing on DECK 2 as that is the "UNSELECTED" DECK.

If you then have DECK 2 selected and press B1 it would LOOP the track on DECK 1.
nik39 2:24 PM - 30 May, 2007
Ah, like "opposite-of-selected" deck (don't laugh!). Gotcha. I thought he meant select-no-deck-at-all.
cappinkirk 3:38 PM - 30 May, 2007
yes boabmatic you got it. nik39 I thought I spelled it out pretty clearly but please let me know if you are still confused. it is so that I can make changes to the other than selected deck without having to click "reverse inputs" again to make those changes...I could change with "unselected deck" option for my buttons since I know exactly what I want it to do. this would be very useful when only using 1 deck.