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VCH-4 - 4-Channel Controller module for ITCH and VCI-300 (mockup)

thebulge 5:58 AM - 18 January, 2011
Here's my mockup of what could work for me!

Not all the buttons are labelled coz I am lazy, but 5 cue and loop buttons (I do really like the loop implementation on the VCI) would give some of the functionality of the S4s sample and loop banks without a major change to ITCH. Not sure about perhaps the unmarked buttons at the top for FX routing (ie FX bank A / B or both). That's a bit rough.

Pitch knob vs fader for space reasons, and perhaps with beatgrids you'd drop it altogether? No real scrubing control, but the thought being this would give you the extra decks for samples / loops / accapellas and button mashing. If you want to spin and scratch you load your tracks to the main 2 decks.

Best of all, it would fit down the other side pocket of my Monocase 365. Worst of all, I need another USB port!

I'd buy one!

Xtianw 6:09 AM - 18 January, 2011
no crossfader side assign
thebulge 6:17 AM - 18 January, 2011
Yeah right, I wasn't even thinking about that. I usually just use channel faders unless scratching.

A little 3 way switch A --- B --- MASTER, will add to the next draft :)
Xtianw 6:20 AM - 18 January, 2011
then you'll also want to add a crossfader off position as well
thebulge 6:29 AM - 18 January, 2011
Yeah sorry, I guess by MASTER I meant X-FADER OFF.
ldc1129 3:41 AM - 19 January, 2011
That would be nice.....