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SL-3 Box with Pro Tools 9?

DJ P2 9:17 PM - 13 January, 2011
So I have Pro Tools 9 HD, but I don't own any hardware from Avid/Digidesign
and was wondering if it's possible to use the Sl-3 box in lieu of their hardware.
I also have a Denon DN-X1700 w/ midi and usb outputs.

Or any advice on a frugal alternate sound card that works with Pro Tools would be greatly appreciated.

DJ P2 11:58 PM - 4 February, 2011
can i delete this since this went unnoticed?
DJ Bouj 6:10 PM - 15 September, 2011
Good question, might have better luck asking on the avid forums.
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 11:17 PM - 5 October, 2011
Hey DJ P2,

Sorry for the lack of reply here! I'm pretty sure you need to have Digidesign hardware or use an iLok with the appropriate Pro Tools license in order to authorize Pro Tools. I would suggest getting in touch with Avid regarding this though. You can find their contact details here: