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Change save location of Serato Recording files?

DJUltimate 8:58 AM - 9 January, 2011
Is it possible to change the location of where recorded mixtapes are saved? For example, to an external hard drive (Serato Library is on the internal HD)
Serato, Moderator
Samuel S 9:16 PM - 11 January, 2011
Hey DJUltimate,

Unfortunately this is not possible currently. This is something that we would like to do in future but I couldn't say when this could be implemented :)


illwillis 11:49 PM - 25 January, 2012
This is terrible for anyone using an SSD because of write concerns. I've tried to alias the recording folders to an external HDD, but it causes Itch to crash when record is pressed. With SSD's becoming more commonplace, I hope Serato will consider this a priority in their next update.
phatbob 12:21 AM - 26 January, 2012
What write concerns do you have with an SSD? If the technology is up to being used as a system drive, it should be ok to deal with a couple of audio streams...

I've had zero issues recording to my SSD with either SSL or Ableton...
illwillis 6:54 PM - 29 January, 2012
First off, I'm not talking about my inability to record. I, too, have had zero problems. "a couple audio streams" implies minimal recording since there is NOWHERE ELSE to save. But I don't wanna save a 100mb 24 bit recording to my ssd everytime bc whether it gets moved and deleted, it is still writing to the ssd. My point is, if I can save my project files and Internet downloads to another disk, why can't I record my serato output to another disk? Seems like a poor feature to overlook. Read my post again. I never said I couldn't record to my ssd; I said I didnt want to. I'm trying to preserve the lifespan of my ssd as best I can.
phatbob 7:23 PM - 29 January, 2012
My point is that I think you are being far too protective of your SSD.

Every major computer manufacturer has models which are specced with SSDs as the sole drive, for people to use for system AND data every day.

I think you need to worry less.
illwillis 8:16 PM - 29 January, 2012
Maybe I am being overprotective; maybe it will be an issue as others suggest. I won't be able to say for at least a little while I'm sure lol. My point is really that a save as path shouldn't be too difficult to incorporate since owning an ssd isn't the only reason it would be useful. I don't think anyone should be objected to the idea bc I don't see how it would affect performance. Just an idea I hope developers will consider.
phatbob 8:31 PM - 29 January, 2012
I agree it's a good idea, definitely. It would be a useful feature.

I just think you shouldn't worry about your drive whilst using the current version.
Chlorophil 2:57 AM - 21 December, 2012
ya why put the recording on the c drive only?? thats like tapping into the virtual memory performance, i do notice newer computers are setup backwards but other than that its great not able to save on ur c drive
SiRocket 11:28 AM - 17 January, 2013
yeah i would love to see this too, especially with the cost for storage space on ssd's right now.... for this very reason i got a 240 instead of a 120....
DJ.T.BOOGIE 9:00 PM - 11 February, 2013
+1 here for new save location.. i recently had to move my recordings .
tecord folder was 168 gigs.. my hard drive was runnin out of space internal is only 500 gb
DJ Simon Says 8:09 PM - 14 February, 2014
Yep, another +1 here. I only just got Serato and like it better than any other software/hardware I've used but surely this is a simple thing to build in? That and recording in other file formats.
lollukas 11:12 AM - 27 June, 2014
+1 here for the option of external save, although in the official serato page to help teach you to record it says you can save to external. So why lie to us?

I quote from Serato themselves.

"Then select the Rec Location. You can save your recording to either the internal drive or an external hard drive."