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Switching to CDJ's from TT's... any thoughts? 7:54 AM - 30 April, 2007
Hi everyone, I've been using my Tech 1200's MK2's for about 2 years now, and have been playing out with SSL for a year and a bit. I fly around alot to different gigs and I sometimes carry my tables and mixer in my DJ coffin, but its super heavy and I have to pay extra to get it on the flight.

I have been considering switching to CDJ's to save on the hassle of carrying heavy gear around. I do like the feel of vinyl and have only used CDJ's a few times in the past at clubs. Any advice or suggestions would be great.

I've been looking at the Technics SL-DZ 1200, the Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3 (and MK2: any advice on which one is better?) and Denon DN-S5000.

I play mostly top 40, dance, house, electro, and just getting into some scratching.

Thanks in advance!
Nicky Blunt 9:47 AM - 30 April, 2007
numark cdx the only way forward with cdj's, they have a spinning 12" platter but dude stay with the 1200's you cant beat vinyl when scratchin!

I have the cdx myself they are great but I still use my 12's a whole lot more! My cdx's are back in their boxes & have been since xmas!
Mr. Wright 12:04 PM - 30 April, 2007
play with CDX's all the time at work. Fun but too expensive and too unreliable for everyday and gig use. THey are fun but for cheaper my 1200 MKII's kick there ass. It is nice though to be able to scratch fast as you possibly can and never have the needle skip
latindj 4:28 PM - 30 April, 2007
Yo Suave. The 1000's are the best of the bunch, however, used with Serato most of their best functions will not work. For that reason, save yourself some money and just get the CDJ-800's. Don't even think about the technics...their tt's are the shit (in a good way) but their cd players are crap (in the worst way you could imagine). That's my opinion any way... 12:22 AM - 1 May, 2007
Yeah, I've heard mixed reviews about the Techs CD player (SL-DZ 1200). Has anyone used it? They're pretty pricey but some say they're good and some say they're bad. Any thoughts?
Dj KaGeN 12:27 AM - 1 May, 2007
my vote: CDJ-800's
dj shadow from detroit 12:55 AM - 1 May, 2007
dont do it cd players are not the same!!!!! 1:13 AM - 1 May, 2007
I'll probably keep my Tech 1200's tables but for when I'm on the road, its not always feasible to carry them around (way too heavy) and sometimes I can't always rent them wherever I go.
marknonsense1 1:19 AM - 1 May, 2007
The sl-dz 1200 suck, I know someone who as one Cdj-800 and one Cdj-1000mk3 and he loves it. I played with it and I got to say it's a nice set up. I think that's what I'm going to get as a add on to my set up now. I played with the Denon DN-S5000 and I didn't like them. I like the new numark for the money ( $699) feel nice but need to play with them a little more to say something about them.
deepdjdanny 8:02 AM - 1 May, 2007
So the CDX's don't have the serato cueing problem like the cdj-1000mkIII's do???
Nicky Blunt 8:49 AM - 1 May, 2007
CDX Is the way forward on cdj tutntablism! However they dont have the shelflife of a 1210 the technics are far more robust!
DJMello 3:02 PM - 1 May, 2007
pm me suave
dJ bMaN 7:58 AM - 2 May, 2007
If I were you, I'd go with the cdj's. The Technics have a lag to them when you scratch and let go plus the information wheel in the middle feels weird when you're scratching or rewinding. The cdx's wear out over time especially if you travel a lot with them. The only problem with the cdj's is when you load a song and try to play it from the first beat and it gets stuck when you try to rewind it. However, they are the best. But me personally, I use my 1200's with Serato.
Nicky Blunt 8:21 AM - 2 May, 2007
you cannot beat the original format of two technics "Turntables!" their cdj is horrendous! No really its terrible! The platter is immensly unusable! As has been mentioned thay have a terrible lag!

Dude dont go that way just stay with your technics and get down the gym!
Mr. Wright 8:21 AM - 2 May, 2007
Serato and 1200's for the win! Honestly serato was the only way i went digital... I spent 7 stubborn years on 1200's because the CD thing didnt feel right. Serato changed my thinking on digital DJing. Whats better then a digital setup with an analog touch?
The E Head 8:27 AM - 2 May, 2007
Only thougt i have on this.............

Stay of the pipe homie:P

Don't do it
djtekno 7:30 PM - 2 May, 2007
I was thinking of getting some sort of afordable CD player setup, for times that my laptop just doesn't want to work, or when i'm lazy to carry my Technics around. Maybe like a dual cd player and a cheap mixer. Me, I don't like fussing with needles much. =[ And Technics are extremely heavy.
Melique 2:01 AM - 3 May, 2007
I personally own a pair Numark CDX. I started as a digital DJ and worked my way to vinyl. The first pair of CD players I ever used were the pioneer CDJ800s and I still use them at least once a month in a club environment. I can give you the pros and cons of each unit in my opinion.

Numark CDX
1)In terms of feel they are as close to vinyl as it gets ( with the right set of slipmats)
2)support for mp3 cds (100+ songs per CD)
3)Onboard effect (when not using serato)
1) Heavier than 1200s
2) sometimes unreliable (I've sent both units in for repair)
3) Slow CD load time
4) Requires mixer with 4 line inputs to be useful without serato

Pioneer CDJ800
1) Lightweight
2) Extremely durable and reliable
3) Fast CD loading time
1) Does not feel like vinyl !!!PERIOD!!!
2) Requires mixer with 4 line inputs to be useful without serato

If you want a smaller setup go with the pioneers but you will need time to adjust. I suggest that you keep the 1200s and switch to individual cases. It makes transport a bit easier
latindj 6:21 AM - 3 May, 2007
Melique, I don't understand why the CDX's or CDJ's would need a mixer with 4 line inputs to be useful without serato? I used my CDJ's just fine with a 2 channel mixer. Also, I strongly disagree that it takes time to adjust to the CDJ's coming from vinyl. I made the switch from vinyl to CDJ's in a couple of days practice, no problem.
poloi3eai2 6:57 AM - 3 May, 2007
The numark CDX's wont make much of a difference if you're flying with them. They're just as big as 1200's but weigh just a little bit less. You should just ask ahead of time for the venues to supply some 1200's.
psycatron 7:53 AM - 3 May, 2007
Definitely avoid the Technics CD Decks. Trying to play them is literally like learning to play 1200's for the first time. The Pioneers imo are the best out there. Go for 1000's if you can although as someone said above, 800's will probably do as the features you pay extra for on 1000's are diabled with SSL. Pioneers appear to be the industry standard, certainly in Europe it's what most clubs have installed - so why both buying something and practicing on something that you're unlikely to end up using in a club?
Nicky Blunt 8:45 AM - 3 May, 2007
Melique, I don't understand why the CDX's or CDJ's would need a mixer with 4 line inputs to be useful without serato? I used my CDJ's just fine with a 2 channel mixer. Also, I strongly disagree that it takes time to adjust to the CDJ's coming from vinyl. I made the switch from vinyl to CDJ's in a couple of days practice, no problem.

What he is saying is that if you want to play a normal cd while using serato you need to have the extra imputs!
Dj KaGeN 3:17 PM - 3 May, 2007
nah- you have to rewire on the spot or have switching boxes inline.. Either way - a shitty backup plan.
Nicky Blunt 3:18 PM - 3 May, 2007

latindj 3:42 PM - 3 May, 2007
Ah! bad. I forget with my 57 it's just a quick turn of the pgm knob... Then again, I was responding to the Cons of using the CD's without Serato (assuming he meant no Serato installed at all). Thanks for clarifying.
ralph 3:57 PM - 3 May, 2007
they're gonna weigh the same.
Dj KaGeN 4:03 PM - 3 May, 2007
1 ton of bricks = 1 ton of feathers.

CD's =/= TT's.
Zion-Prayz 6:06 PM - 5 May, 2007
CDJ-800. You'll adjust quickly (a matter of minutes hour tops) to not having a spinning platter. 4:19 PM - 6 May, 2007
Thanks everyone for the advice and feedback. I have thought about it and I'm sticking to my TT's for now. As many of you said, nothing beats the analog feel while using SSL.

Thanks again!
dj hoodat baller 11:55 PM - 6 May, 2007
I know you already made up your mind. You made a good choice with sticking to TT's. The extra charge just put it in your cost to the customer.
dj_soo 5:40 AM - 7 May, 2007
wow, what kind of road gigs to you play where you need to being your own decks?
dj_soo 5:43 AM - 7 May, 2007
btw CDX or HDX would be a bad way to go - seeing as they're basically the size and weight of a normal TT, it kind of negates the purpose of switching to avoid the gear hassle.

You could always play on a pair of these:
Bigfourty4 3:20 PM - 7 May, 2007
I had a CDX- Sold it- because it acted weird on platter would start stuttering during a song. Got rid of that thing fast

Next--Bought TTX's ---Sold those today- reason, didn't like the feel of them, too many bells and whistles

1200 MKIIs---still have--contemplated to keep or sell.

1200M5g's ---just got--love them, never sell them

you cannot go wrong with any vinyl techs 1200's.
Mr. Wright 7:10 AM - 9 May, 2007
Amen, ive had alot of tables and finally i got a 2nd hand pair of Technic 1200 M3D's and i love these things. Even if they have some age to them i have no problems and love the feel of them.
trido 9:47 AM - 9 May, 2007
I use both vinyl decks AND cd decks. I own both Numark pro tt-1's that I've had since 90 something and a pair of 1200's. I also own a pair of the CDJ-1000 MK3's. I love the CDJ's. The jog wheel can be adjusted for that vinyl feel that we as all dj's love. Although you wont get that force feedback that you get from TT's, you will get the same scratch response if not better than TT's on CDJ's. As far as functionality, latindj was right earlier in this thread when he said that most of the features on the 1000's would be hindered through the use of Serato. So if Serato CD manipulation is your primary function than the 800's would suit you just fine. However, I use mix regular CD and Serato. The things I can do with regular CD's and my 1000's I could never do on any TT. I LOVE my CDJ's. My next equipment purchase will be the DVJ-1000's. By then Hopefully Serato will have it's video app on point then I will have the ability to run 4 DVD decks! Anyhow as far as which brand which model I found this video, it shows a real head to head test between Denons, Pioneers, and Technics. Enjoy!