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Scratch Live
Ortofon | Serato S-120
Nicky Blunt 11:59 AM - 23 April, 2007
Guys I have a folder now of approx 300 files that were bad within serato!

All of which are fine to play in I-Tunes, what is the best way of me getting them to you?

As you have asked b4 about us uploading them.

Also just outta curiosity, would there be a filesharing issue with me sending you these files?
Rane, Support
Shaun W 4:26 PM - 23 April, 2007
Sending all the files probably isn't necessary.

Sending bad files to Serato support -->>
Josh 1:23 AM - 27 April, 2007
the files which we want are ones which crash the program, or cause other bad behavior.

If they're just marked as corrupt in some way, (mouse over for the explanation, full explanations in the back of the 1.7 ,manual) but play fine in iTunes, we don't really need them.

if they play fine in iTunes but play bad in scratch live we should probably take a look at some examples..

thanks for thinking of us! :-)
Nicky Blunt 9:49 AM - 27 April, 2007
No worries!

Seeing as I deleted them with ctrl shitf & delete how can I now tell which ones play fine & which ones caused the crashes?

As Like I said there are nearly 300 files in there!

Would it be better to send the lot or is there a way to distinguish which caused the crashes as all all the ones i checked played fine in I tunes