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Overview Built Column

dj disturbed 6:35 PM - 8 April, 2007
I think there needs to be a column to show if the overview has been built or not. And the ability to reorganise the list to group to see files with overview built together, Also would be nice to be able to see what ver of SSL built the overview and group them together like that so when newer vers of SSL comes out (like the auto gain / BPM stuff gets added) you can know what files have been rebuilt.
Konix 7:07 PM - 8 April, 2007
AKIEM 10:38 PM - 8 April, 2007
Nicky Blunt 12:02 PM - 12 April, 2007
defo need to get on this!

When you have so many files its difficult to keep track!
tekniq 1:40 AM - 19 April, 2007
Good one.

Kind of workaround:
after building overviews to a batch of files just group tag them; write current version of software to comment-field or some other unused id3-field.

Program doing this automatically would be nice add though. :)
Konix 1:44 AM - 19 April, 2007
Say, that's not a bad idea, especially since you can edit multiple tags at once. Just highlight all the files in your crate, double click one of the fields you want to use on one song, type in the date, hit enter and it will be applied to all the highlighted files.