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I own a 57, thinking of getting an 800 + SL3

Dj Mick Swell 10:57 PM - 27 October, 2010
Hey everyone, new here, longtime user of the rane 57 and I love it. However, I am thinking of picking up a pioneer 800 + SL3 box and maybe an innofader because I spin hip hop, soul, funk, and also on certain nights house and top 40. I just want to know what everyone here thinks of this purchase. The reason I want it is because I am not a battle dj, but I do cut when I spin hip hop and also I am spinning alot of dance music on select nights. I can get an 800 and sl3 brand new together for about 2100 out the door. But I was thinking, is there an updated 57 on the way with sl3 inside. Im just not sure what to do. What are your thoughts?
latinng204 4:48 AM - 28 October, 2010
the 57 contains similar features as the sl1 but does not necessarily contain an sl1 inside it. the same similarities are shared with the sl3, only major difference would not be the fact that the 57 has a 1.0 usb and that sl3 has a 2.0 usb but that the sl3 has a 3rd deck to be used thru the aux line. i mentioned the usb 1.0 and the 2.0 because that was one of my main concerns since i switched from an sl3 to the 57 but "speed" wise it make almost no difference unless you are very picky about tech stuff. i was exited about being able to use 3 decks at once but when you think about it, if you are mobile you would have to carry an extra piece of equipment and you might not even use it as much. it is just not me ofcourse. i spin just about the same genres and as u, i am not a battle dj but i love the fact that you can do so much with a 2 channel mixer. i have gotten experience using a "3rd deck" by simply pluggin a cdj to the aux or one of the 4 channels i am not using to control ssl.
one thing that you would be downgrading would be the midi controls from the 57. if you are used to using the buttons to scroll thru tracks or even just drop to the cue points, you will definitely miss it. from experience i have found myself looking for those buttons on 3rd party mixers, it throws you off because you might be so used to using them that it might slow you down on how fast or accurate as well as comfortable you mix.
i have only tried the demo but the video plug in is great when looking to expand to video mixing. this could be done withe sl3 as well but again you would lack some features that are built in to the 57.
one thing that i would recommend you get if you do decide to change your gear would be the dicers from novation. even though i still use my 57, the dicers allow some crazy things to be done. you have all ten cue points at the tips of your fingers, loops, loop rolls, the built in effects and even more depending on how you map them in midi. it helps with the transition of not using the 57 and using something else instead
eder 7:59 AM - 28 October, 2010
if you get the 800 you need to get the innofader. the stock fader is crap IMO.
latinng204 4:05 PM - 28 October, 2010
no need of getting the innofader unless u scratch often
eder 8:07 PM - 28 October, 2010
but I do cut when I spin hip hop
latinng204 9:04 PM - 28 October, 2010
unless he scratches often... the stock fader will be more than enough if very little scratchin is done
terrible1fi 3:29 PM - 29 October, 2010
but I do cut when I spin hip hop