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RickyRic 11:48 PM - 23 March, 2007
I hope in the near future that Serato scratch live would incorperate the automix funtion and autoplay features that other DJ programs have. Shoudln't just be for the vinyl/CD lovers. It should have a good varity of funtions. It should be able to just load MP3 music and walk away a bit.
Konix 12:52 AM - 24 March, 2007
Oh god, here we go...
ekwipt 4:34 AM - 24 March, 2007
Wow what a waste of $$$ on Serato that would be hey!!!
RickyRic 5:20 AM - 24 March, 2007
whats wrong man. What u mean?
DJ Stuart (AR) 1:38 AM - 26 March, 2007
I'm sorry but normally, we like to do the mixing, after all, thats what we (and SSL) are about!
What's next, random selection??!!!
If you want automix, you can get Tracktor. And if you want someone else to select and mix the songs, just hire a DJ.
RickyRic 11:34 AM - 26 March, 2007
Got u boss. Your right. Came from tractor/PCDJ. Too boring.
DjCo 5:33 PM - 26 March, 2007
I think thats a great idea..Im a mobile MC/Dj and all the guys i work with use virtual Dj for it's video uses. it also has automix which i think is a great feature..For guys like us (MC's) its hard to find dj's to help out who know how to mix..and to find one to do weddings and other affairs is hard to begin with.. Our dj's are usually back-ups and guys to help us with loading and unloading equipment..and they really don't have any knowledge of beat matching or mixing..I love serato use it for eveything..but when im doing intro's for a wedding and i got my dj in the back that really doesnt know how to beat auto mix function would take care of the problem..just a thought..thanx
Pete Moss 2:07 AM - 3 April, 2007
The lack of automix & autopilot was one of very few reasons I bought SSL. No Dj who knows what it is will ever accuse us of being lame/lazy/stupid/untalented et al.
DjUplift 4:29 PM - 4 April, 2007
Word brah!
dj disturbed 5:38 PM - 4 April, 2007
you get SSL for what it is... a Way for YOU to mix your digital files, not having to carry 200lbs of music with you, and, once they get it out, easy vid mixing.

I have one club i work at (a strip club) that you dont do any beatmatching.. you talk to segue between songs... for that SSL is not good for it.. so you know what.. I dont use it for that.... I use SSL for REAL djing... for that i use TDJS2 b/c it does what i need it to do there.....but then again.. its not like Club style DJing (where my real Heart is at) so SSL just does not work well for it.. but thats not why i got SSL.. I got it for REAL DJing.. if i need to step away from the decks (never know when the chinese you had for dinner is going to hit you) i use a premix/megamix that I already recorded in the home studio
cappinkirk 3:51 PM - 30 May, 2007
like its really that hard to mix songs together...if you can have an automix feature it should be added. if it can be automated then people will focus on more interesting/challenging aspects of DJing and leave any amish cats in the dust ages. you sound like someone at a factory that is scared of losing your job to a robot impeding progress for your own security. is that all you do is mix beats? i think there is much more to REAL djing than just that

"The lack of automix & autopilot was one of very few reasons I bought SSL. No Dj who knows what it is will ever accuse us of being lame/lazy/stupid/untalented et al."

that is a silly argument. why are you so scarred of being "judged" by other dj's? if I have to take a leak or get a beer it would be nice to put it on auto and let it ride without fear of wrecking while i'm gone.

& i'll battle anybody and lay them down to rest btw:)

best regards fellow seratoicians - no insults intended