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My Open Letter To

eder 9:58 AM - 24 September, 2010
Dear Calsound,

I would like to thank you for the last 6 weeks of my life. Thanks to you, I now know the virtue of patience and diligence. 6 weeks ago, I placed an order for a Monocase EFX 365 in Jet Black. I ordered from you because since you are in Southern California (where I live) and your website labels the backpack as “In Stock and Ready to Ship” (which it still does, by the way, and you might want to change that since it’s back ordered until November and all of Monocase drop ships from their warehouse) I expected to receive my order in a timely fashion. Four days in I call and find out my backpack is on backorder and will ship the following Tuesday. No big deal. Happens to companies all the time. The next Thursday, I receive no word from you and no backpack in the mail. I call and am promised to get a call back by the end of the day. A week and a half later, I call your company to figure out what the fuck is going on. I am promised a call by the end of the day. No call yet again. I call the next day and find out my backpack is backordered until November and that I would get a refund on my free shipping (a universally epic fuck up on your part, look at the god damn order). I agree to take the Steel Grey that I was told is in stock. I expected you to order the backpack that day, being over a $200 order, but no, my order is ignored until I call again…3 days later. I was told, incorrectly, that my backpack was available in Jet Black (the color I originally ordered, in case you forgot). I agree to get the Jet Black backpack only to find out that 3 hours later, after your “customer service” hours are closed, that Monocase received an order for the wrong backpack. Nothing can be done until you get into work the next Monday, which by then the wrong backpack is on my way. I finally get a hold of someone on Tuesday, which by then the wrong backpack is at my house. I am promised that my order would be shipped and processed that day; silly of me to think that you would actually follow through on your word by this point. No tracking number and no update for two days until I call back again. Finally my order is processed and I receive a tracking number, at the same time you ask me to ship the wrong backpack to some other schmuck that actually agreed to order from you. I receive my backpack and plan to ship out the backpack the next day, yet I am held up by my real life outside of dealing with your bullshit. A day later, I receive both an e-mail and a phone call regarding the backpack I have yet to ship. Since I realized you actually care about not screwing over other people besides myself, I decide to wait on shipping the backpack for a week since I received my tracking number. Ironically, you have called, e-mailed, and even responded to my twitter account (which you never responded to any of my tweets before this…funny, huh?) for me to contact you regarding shipping the wrong backpack to someone else. It’s quite funny that within a week you are telling me you might charge me for a backpack that was wrongfully shipped to me when I waited over 5 weeks for a backpack. I will swear that your customer service is absolute shit, but apparently that only happens with customers who you fuck up the order on, not vice versa. I find great irony in the fact that you would call me more often about sending a backpack to someone else than to have my order resolved in a timely fashion. I would like you to know that I shipped your package today and it will be in Wyoming whenever UPS decides to deliver it (check the tracking # if you don’t believe me). My only regret is not being able to print this letter out and put it in the box for whomever received that backpack. But since I plan to put this on every social media outlet I know, I’m pretty sure one fucker in Wyoming won’t make a difference.

Sincerely yours,

Order #1588 (In case you forgot)
DJ Michael Basic 10:02 AM - 24 September, 2010
Guess I won't be ordering from calsound. Gotta love customer service.
Anu 10:57 AM - 24 September, 2010
Guess I won't be ordering from calsound. Gotta love customer service.

tehBEN 2:13 PM - 24 September, 2010
Guess I won't be ordering from calsound. Gotta love customer service.


Jesus Christ 2:15 PM - 24 September, 2010
Fuck these guys. I'm reposting this letter everywhere. Sorry about your trouble eder. Calsound sucks.
Dj-M.Bezzle 2:19 PM - 24 September, 2010
they asked you to send merchandice to another customer...FUCK THAT, i woulda sent it back to them and let them take care of it, that dude can say it never made it to him or it wasnt the right item and this company could try to pin it on you, also does this new guy now have your addredd as a return address?

Being the asshole that I am if i was the guy you sent it to id call the company and say you sent a brick and wanted my backpack and ended up with either a free backpack through refund or 2 backpacks and put one on Ebay
DVDjHardy 2:25 PM - 24 September, 2010
Wow...massive fail on their part.
djdalite 4:03 PM - 24 September, 2010
damn you should have kept the other mono and sold it

thats there bad and they should learn from their mistake
Dj-M.Bezzle 4:04 PM - 24 September, 2010
damn you should have kept the other mono and sold it

thats there bad and they should learn from their mistake

Wazo 4:09 PM - 24 September, 2010
holy crap yeah i would keep it and if they used my credit card to charge me, i would report that transactions as fraud and Capital one would give my money back instantly and i would have 2 bags. what a load of crap and sending it to the new customer, holy shit bezzle is right about the address issue and ownership incase it doesnt arrive.

Never heard of these people and wont order from them.

I had a similar experience with a technics bag from Hard to find records. but they sent me nothing instead and gave me a 2 week runaround before crediting my money back.
dj_craigmac 8:27 PM - 24 September, 2010
Wow eder. Thats an unfortunate situation sorry that you went thru that. I have had nothing but good experiences with cal-sound. Up until the time that they closed the doors on their walk in store i was a regular customer. Every piece of equipment i ever ordered or purchased was always on point and on time. Every piece of vinyl i ordered or bought was always good even the RARE out of print records i ordered thru them always came thru on time. They used to allow us local dj's to session at the store every saturday afternoon. I don't know what coulda happened but main reason i dealt with cal-sound was because of their customer service and everyone that was employed there was a working dj. Looks like they lost u as a customer.
Sureshot (PA) 8:35 PM - 24 September, 2010
it's a damn shame. customer service is not rocket science. it's honesty + followthru.
DCD 10:10 PM - 24 September, 2010
fuckin paragraphs. how do they work?
sixxx 11:51 PM - 24 September, 2010
fuckin paragraphs. how do they work?

tehBEN 1:00 AM - 25 September, 2010








dj_KaSE 1:56 AM - 25 September, 2010
eder, your feelings are totally valid. I won't be ordering from them either. Unless they're partial to Mexicans.

I kid, I kid.
Jesus Christ 4:05 AM - 25 September, 2010
eder, your feelings are totally valid. I won't be ordering from them either. Unless they're partial to gay Mexicans.

Hi kid, Hi kid.

Wow!!! Gross! (nm)
Henry GQ 6:45 PM - 25 September, 2010
thnx for the look out